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Why You Should Engage in Foreplay

Many people often consider sex as purely penetration. However, some people may require foreplay to help them reach that point. Whether you need it or not, here are some reasons why you ought to include it during your sexual trysts:

  1. It initiates intimacy.

Different people have different ideas about what foreplay means to them. However, it does involve intimate actions that help your partner get in the mood. Acts like kissing, cuddling, stroking, and touching help put your partner at ease—letting them slowly drop down their guard as they open themselves up to you.

  1. It helps your partner relax.

Foreplay takes away the pressure of immediately going into penetration. It helps build your partner’s arousal and works as a way for people to eventually work into different sexual acts they may want to try. Remember, sex should be fun, not a graded performance.

  1. It creates sexual tension.

Foreplay doesn’t decrease sexual tension. When done correctly, it can heighten the sensations throughout your body—allowing you to explore and embrace each other’s sexualities. Foreplay also intensifies fondness, affection, and desire because foreplay involves giving and receiving pleasurable acts that could eventually shift to full penetration.

  1. It strengthens your relationship.

Foreplay allows partners to talk about their preferences and how they would like to be pleased. When your partner gently opens up their wants and desires, try not to take it personally and instead, take it as a lesson that you should master.

Some foreplay activities may not even end up in sex. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. When you engage in foreplay, you increase not only the sexual tension but also the bond and affection you have towards your partner. Remember to communicate with your partner and learn to enjoy every second of your rendezvous. Stay safe!


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.