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Why Sex Education is Important

Nearly everyone has someone to say when it comes to the topic of sex education. Sex education or sex-ed involves a thorough discussion and learning opportunities on the birds and the bees. This can be done in-home, online, or in a school setting. Sex-ed covers topics involving sex, such as gender identity, sexual feelings, risks, birth control, and pregnancy.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to discuss the topic surrounding it. Some people believe that only parents have the right to tell their children. Alternatively, others may see it as a gateway to leading teenagers into sexual depravity.

However, despite these concerns, there are important reasons why the topic should be discussed. Here are some points one needs to consider:

  1. It teaches responsibility.

Sex-Ed is not a program that teaches people to have sex. Moreso, it provides an environment where people may have questions and concerns surrounding the birds as the bees. As society constantly glamorizes sexual acts in the media, teaching people about sex-ed enables them to see the risks and consequences when one doesn’t take responsibility.

  1. It gives listeners a choice.

Educated, knowledgeable people can make informed decisions that benefit them and their loved ones. When programs invest in sex-ed, listeners will be more in tune with their bodies and sexualities, giving them more power to choose the best choice for their sexual needs and health.

  1. It helps destigmatize specific issues.

Sex-ed discusses issues surrounding sex, including gender identity, diseases, and the risks of being promiscuous. Ideally, the person conducting such discussions should provide a healthy and non-judgmental environment to not enforce the stigma around different sexualities and the diseases from unprotected sex.

  1. It enables listeners to be more mature and understanding.

Sex is an adult act. However, it would be foolish to expect teenagers not to engage in sexual activities, especially when they’re young, hormonal, and curious about their bodies. When we invest in an environment that fosters mature discussions about sex, we can have a knowledgeable and understanding society as a whole.

There are several controversies surrounding sex-ed. Whether you intend to establish one in your program or discuss it with your teenagers—be prepared to do so responsibly and truthfully. For more resources, check out other sexual topics on how to discuss sex. Good luck, and stay safe!


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.