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Why It's Okay to Give Up Sometimes

Many people consider perseverance an essential ingredient to success. After all, success doesn’t come immediately. It requires grit, hard work, and learning to overcome obstacles.

In reality, there are instances when giving up may just be the best option for you. Here are some examples of why it’s okay to give up sometimes:

  1. It may not be in your best interest.

Pursuing goals like starting a business, attending medical school, or even scaling Mount Everest is admirable. However, there are instances when these goals and dreams may not always be in your best interest.

For example, enrolling in medical school requires years of dedication and can limit your social life. If you feel it may not be the correct calling for you, then it’s not wrong to look for other better options.

  1. You’re pursuing it for the wrong reasons.

Family expectations, peer pressure, or even financial gains are just some reasons why people may undertake specific jobs that aren’t for them. Aside from jobs, pursuing a goal for reasons like impressing your peers may not be the best reason. After all, why are you spending so much effort trying to impress others if it’s your goal?

  1. Your heart is simply not in it anymore.

Let’s say you’ve been with a person for quite a while. You started out as friends, became lovers, and eventually got married. As the years went by, you both experienced ups and downs in the relationship. Some traits they have that were once “endearing” are now “annoying” to you. Suddenly, the two of you are no longer compatible regarding communication, lifestyle, and values. Eventually, the sparks die out. You are no longer interested in each other. Instead of trying to make things work, you start looking for reasons to distance yourselves from each other. The fights begin out of nowhere, the cheating comes, and sometimes, even the kids become chess pieces in your mind games.

Eventually, you break up.

In retrospect, people realize that giving up may just be the best reason. While it’s honorable to “stick it out,” sometimes resentment and indifference can fester from these instances.

  1. You’re only sticking to it because you’ve invested so much time and money.

The sunk cost fallacy is a tendency for a person to pursue an endeavor because they believe they have already invested a lot of time and effort. They continue to pursue it, regardless of whether the current costs outweigh the benefits.

Most people often utilize this thinking when they suddenly find no longer interested in pursuing a particular goal. For example, a person in a long-term relationship will stay with a cheating partner because they have been together for ten years. Some of her reasons why she didn’t break it off sooner would be: “I’m too old,” “We’ve been together for so long,” “Dating is scary,” etc.

This type of fallacy can be damaging, especially when you deserve happiness. In reality, it is terrifying to be in a new situation, especially when you’re so “used” to something (or someone), but never mistake comfort for happiness. Just because you’re comfortable now doesn’t mean you’re necessarily happy.

Many people often shy away from giving up. However, when you list out the advantages and disadvantages of each goal, you may find that giving up one endeavor opens you to better and more suited opportunities. If you’re still at a crossroads, consider your decision carefully and rationally. Good luck!

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

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