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What You Need to Know About Your Beauty Sleep

Experts often cite that everyone needs to sleep for at least seven to nine hours a night. One such reason for this is that it helps boost our mental well-being and immune system. However, another is that sleep can also play a vital role in enhancing our beauty. Here are interesting facts about the ever-famous “beauty sleep”:

  1. Sleep promotes skin repair.

Sleep is essential because it is when our bodies repair themselves from a cellular level. Aside from a healthy immune system, sleep also boosts our skin’s repairing system, allowing it to restore the day’s overall damage. Additionally, collagen is also produced during sleep as well as additional blood flow—ensuring our skin looks healthy, refreshed, and glowing,

  1. It boosts your nightly skincare routine.

Certain products that contain ingredients like retinol are more effective during nighttime. This is because we have increased blood flow during sleep, enhancing this ingredient’s overall effects. Make the most of this period by creating an effective nightly routine and learning to sleep on your back or side to prevent wrinkles.

  1. It also reduces puffiness and makes your eyes look brighter.

People who wake up with puffy eyes may look tired and worn because they aren’t sleeping properly.

The solution? Elevate your head on a few pillows during sleep. Ensure your head is above your heart so fluid doesn’t collect around your eyes during sleep. After getting some much-needed rest, you’ll find that your eyes look brighter and healthier.

Tip: If you still wake up with puffy eyes, apply a cold cloth to the area for a few minutes to reduce puffiness.

Sleep is essential for many things, but it also has an incredible effect on our appearance. Invest in a healthy sleeping schedule to make the most of it and allow your body to heal overnight. Sleep well!

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

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