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What We Can Learn from The Greatest Salesman in the World

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino was first published in 1968. Since its debut, Mandino’s guide has been a treasure for sharing the philosophy of salesmanship. By highlighting his principles through a parable, Mandino adds a hint of inspiration on how you can succeed in the marketplace while also adding essential life lessons. Here are just some lessons on how to be the greatest salesman and live your life on your own terms:

1. Real wealth lies in happiness, love, and peace.

It’s easy to think of wealth as material possessions. After all, the wealthiest people in the world have everything at their disposal. Still, have you noticed how profoundly empty the lives of the rich and famous can be? Despite having the world at their feet, they never seem satisfied or feel personally fulfilled. If you are preparing yourself to become a wealthy person, you must first understand what genuine wealth is.

In the book’s first half, Hafid, a camel boy, is working for Pathros, a successful trader in Jerusalem. Pathros agrees to help the young boy but cautions him on what wealth truly means.

2. Forming good habits will ensure eventual success.

Many of the book’s principles are outlined in “scrolls.” The first scroll talks about the importance of good habits. It is not enough that we must believe we can succeed. We must also take the necessary steps to replace bad habits with good ones.

Good habits like embracing failure, learning from our mistakes, and valuing the necessity of patience are all skills we must cultivate. Even small things like waking up early, reading up on ways to improve our craft, and giving ourselves positive affirmations daily can make all the difference. After all, if we do not ingrain ourselves in these good habits, we are doomed to become slaves to our bad ones.

3. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman.

We all fall prey to the image of the successful salesman who seemingly became a sensation overnight. While the media has certainly done its part to imply the idea of success is effortless, it is not.

In reality, there is no self-made man or woman. We all need each other to grow, achieve something, and recover from a disaster.

To succeed, we need to learn to connect with others. A salesman is a person who will find any connection, no matter how flimsy it may be. Once the salesman finds that common element, they weave themselves around it, strengthening the link so the other person will learn to trust and depend on them.

4. Persistence is key.

To be a salesman, you have to embrace rejection. Generally speaking, a salesman receives more refusals than acceptance in a typical workday than most people do within a month.

Psychologically, many of us are wired to avoid rejection and seek acceptance. So many people do not make it as a salesman because they have yet to understand the value of persistence.

In short, the more you persist through difficult times, the more likely you will find a way to achieve success. You must keep going.

5. The best salesman is a master of his emotions.

It’s no secret that being a salesperson is highly stressful and induces more rejection than necessary. When faced with derision, ridicule, and insults, the average salesman becomes likelier to give up and throw in the towel. Worse, he becomes emotional and returns the same aggressive energy he gave to potential clients, thus soiling his reputation.

The best sales masters his emotional response. As easy as it may be to apologize excessively, ‘butter up’ the customer, or even hurl back an insult, it takes much more courage to stay emotionally distant.

A rockstar salesman doesn’t take these rejections seriously, no matter how personal and vile the client’s responses are. By exposing himself to constant rejection and ridicule, the salesman becomes a pillar of emotional strength, thus not letting others’ perceptions of his work and product influence his opinions.

Bottomline: The Greatest Salesman in the World may be about sales and the market, but it’s also about life and how you approach it. By employing these scrolls, you’ll find that you do have the potential in you to achieve real wealth by applying these life lessons from the greatest salesman in the world.