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What Failure Teaches Us

Many fear failure because it suggests their hard work isn’t good enough. We may feel this way when we fail to pass a test or get into a program we want, eventually making us demotivated. This could lead us to internalize such failure as a character flaw instead of seeing it as a mishap.

In reality, this isn’t true. In fact, most people would agree that failure is typical and expected when learning new things or attempting to achieve a goal. In fact, when we fix our perspective on failure, we may find there are many valuable lessons it teaches us. Here are some examples:

  1. It teaches us which solution is best.

Failing more than once enables us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Like solving a math problem, failure teaches us what methods work and don’t work in specific situations. When we see failure as part of the process, we become more empowered to learn from our mistakes so long as we keep going.

  1. It humbles us.

Imagine if every person was good at everything on the first attempt. Wouldn’t it be such a boring life?

While there are people who are innately more talented than others, talent in itself is not a guarantee of success. In fact, when we fail to teach children to accept failure, they may treat every criticism and blunder as a personal attack. Teaching children that making mistakes is expected at a young age ensures they become well-adjusted adults when they meet more challenges in the future.

  1. It encourages us to use our creativity and resourcefulness.

There is no “one-fix-all” solution to every problem. In fact, some issues require introspection and reflection. When we learn our strengths and weaknesses, we become inspired to find innovative solutions that can enable us to solve the problem in better and more creative ways.

  1. It gives allows us to appreciate the process of success.

Success is not the endpoint, and neither is a failure. In fact, it’s safe to say that with each success comes a series of failures that we must learn from. Nevertheless, when we understand what failure means, we appreciate our successes more because it encourages us to work harder and smarter.

Failure is not a bad thing. It also isn’t a character flaw or an identity. When we learn to appreciate our failed moments just as much as our successful moments, we begin to understand and value hard work, creativity, and persistence.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.