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Traveling to Switzerland: The World’s Safest and Most Peaceful Country

Travel is food for the heart and soul. If you’re wondering where the safest and most peaceful country is, then wonder no more! Read all about Switzerland here.

Where is Switzerland?

As the famous description of Switzerland usually goes, it is located in the middle of Europe. A lot of people describe it as Switzerland’s heart, both geographically and metaphorically since it is one of the many places around Europe that boost its tourism and gives a great quality of life to both tourists and citizens.

What makes Switzerland Peaceful and Safe?

Now that we’ve talked about where Switzerland can be found, it’s about time we discuss what makes it the best next country to go to for a peaceful and safe stay the next time you travel.

1. Education is their utmost priority.

Ranked as the top country around the world when it comes to safety and peacefulness, there are a lot of reasons why this is well-deserved by Switzerland. First on that list is because they prioritize and hold education in high regard. The Swiss believe that prioritizing education is the key to alleviating crime because the more education is given importance, the lesser probability there is for individuals to commit a crime.

2. Strict laws are implemented and followed by everyone.

Law is no good if the citizens aren’t law-abiding. Fortunately, the Swiss are one of the most law-abiding people you’ll meet. This is in connection with education as a priority. Aside from that, there are no reasons for crimes to happen. The government in Switzerland makes sure that opportunities, basic needs, and other concerns are immediately provided for the citizens.

3. There are a lot of sceneries that help you feel closer to nature.

Whether you simply love being around nature or simply want a breath of fresh air, Switzerland offers just that. From mountains and lakes, up to majestic landscapes and cozy villages, you’ll find everything and more when you travel there. Aside from that, various cities in Switzerland have different scenery to offer, so make sure that you take time to stop at each one!

Of course, one can never be too complacent when it comes to safety. Here are a few tips to be extra safe no matter where you travel to. Happy travels and always stay safe!

  • Keep your valuables near you and check them from time to time
  • Always put your bag in front of you
  • Stay alert when in large crowds
  • Make sure you have an emergency hotline saved in your phone