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Traveling in a Car with Your Dog

A great way to break a routine is to go on a car trip for vacation. However, the only way to improve it is to have your fur baby with you. Here are some tips on traveling with your dog in a car.

  1. Pack a travel kit.
    Before you travel with your dog in the car, keep your essentials intact. This kit includes your pet’s:
  • Health records with proof of immunizations;
  • Food and water with bowls;
  • Medication;
  • Few toys;
  • First-aid kit
  1. Keep your dog’s identification clear.
    Other than a dog tag with your contact details, it also helps to microchip your dog. Microchipping is a handy identification tool injected under the dog’s loose skin. When examined by a vet or a shelter, it transmits a unique ID number that you can easily track.

  2. Prepare your car before letting your dog inside.
    Make sure your interior is at a comfortable temperature before allowing your dog inside. Additionally, consider restraining your dog and avoid letting them ride with its head out the window to prevent the risk of injury.

  3. Start with short drives.
    As exciting as it may be to head to your destination, dogs not used to car rides may feel jittery and nervous. To help ease them into the car’s motion, consider starting with short drives a few weeks before your big trip. Gradually increase the length of these drives so they can get accustomed to long-distance travel.

  4. Never let your dog alone in a parked car.
    The gradual temperature change can make your dog uncomfortable if you leave them alone in your vehicle. Additionally, passersby may break your window if they see your dog alone—thinking that your pet is trapped. To avoid incidents, travel with a buddy or carefully plan your car trip with scheduled breaks. You can also add another traveling companion so you can take turns watching over your dog.

Traveling with your dog is just as important as traveling with any family member. However, owners must remember to meet their fur baby’s particular needs. Remember to feed them, take short breaks for walks between driving, and have fun!

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

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