Tips for Thought

In many Asian countries, several businesses enjoy a boom in sales because many people spend a lot of money for Chinese New Year. If you’re thinking of heading abroad to celebrate this event, here are some best places to visit during Chinese New Year:

1. Shanghai, China

When mixing a blend of modern and traditional celebrations, you’ll find that Shanghai offers a perfect mix of the two. Some places of interest in the area include the Festival Lights in Yu Yuan Garden along with discounts in the shopping mall nearby, the Guangfulin Blessing Temple Fair in the Songjiang district, and Fangtayuan New Year Amusement Park where the Tianfei Palace welcomes the new year with ringing the auspicious bell and hitting the big blessing drum.

2. Singapore

Singapore’s Chinatown is known for its bustling activity. What makes a Singaporean Chinese New Year celebration unique is that everyone celebrates it, not just the 75% Chinese population in the nation.

Some great holiday activities include festive bazaars, delicious New Year treats and delicacies, and an unforgettable performance by traditional lion and dragon dangers. The Chingay Parade is a colorful and energetic street and float parade that occurs annually in downtown Singapore. Expect parties, vibrant music, and spectacular fireworks show during the celebration.

Singapore is also one of the best places to visit during Chinese new year 2023 because it’s one of the safest places for solo women travelers to go without worry.

3. San Francisco, United States

Are you thinking of staying in the good ol’ USA? Consider visiting someplace nearer, like San Francisco, California. The Chinese New Year celebrations in the city are one of the largest in the world, and this year’s parade will commence on February 4.

Another fun fact is that San Francisco has been celebrating Chinese New Year since the mid-1800s! This tradition occurred when many Chinese immigrants went to the USA to look for work. Since then, more than three million people have watched the parade yearly, which comes with a 28-foot-long Golden Dragon!

4. Beijing, China

The country’s capital, Beijing, celebrates Chinese New Year uniquely. Back then, many Beijingers have a traditional way of celebrating the holiday. However, modern interpretations and options are readily available. Some places of interest include Gubei Water Town, the Beijing Universal Resort, and Happy Valley Beijing.

Traveling within China is very hectic during this time—especially in the capital, but if you want to get into the heart of the holiday, visiting the capital is worth it.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Aside from Singapore, another Southeast Asian country celebrating Chinese New Year is Thailand. In Bangkok, a large Chinatown population is ready to celebrate this January 22. Certain places in the city will be transformed into a series of various Chinese New Year activities. Street stalls in Chinatown will sell Chinese food, and a parade of lion dancers will effortlessly highlight the festivities. You can also expect fireworks show to culminate the festivities with a bang!

Takeaway: China isn’t the only country celebrating Chinese New Year. With various Chinese populations worldwide, you’ll find that each place has its unique spin on the auspicious holiday. Remember to book with travel insurance and wear red for good luck. Gong Hei Fat Choy!