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Tips to Keep Your Sex Life Fun as You Age

Growing older with our lover means encountering several changes in our bodies and the relationship itself. However, just because you’ve grown older doesn’t mean the sex should be less exciting. Here’s how to spice up your long-term relationship to keep it fresh and exciting:

  1. Write down what you’d like to try.

One way to spice up a relationship when it gets boring and predictable is to develop new ideas you’d like to try. During this step, write down a list of possible things you and your partner can engage in. You can also cite movies and stories you’ve seen or read for inspiration. Try to include your partner in this step to keep your sex life fun and bring you closer.

  1. Talk to your partner.

Communication is vital in any relationship. When sex becomes routine or nonexistent, expressing your feelings to your partner openly and honestly is essential. Avoid being too critical, and stay patient and mindful of their feelings.

  1. Be honest about the changes in your body.

Growing older means accepting the changes that our body undergoes. As we age with our partner, it becomes more challenging to get aroused, which may be caused by menopause or stress. When this happens, talk to your partner, and see if you can schedule an appointment with a physician to rule out any severe conditions.

  1. Use lubrication.

Vaginal dryness during menopause can be painful for penetrative sex. Fortunately, water-based lubrication can quickly solve this problem by helping you and your partner enjoy sex. Keep it fun and playful by asking your partner to apply it for you.

  1. Try different positions.

Being sexually open allows you and your partner to discover new interests and limits. Switch up your nightly rendezvous by trying up new positions together. You can even put on a steamy movie and ask them which position they’d love to try with you.

Maintaining a fun and fulfilling sex life is vital for our health and relationship. If you suspect that you may have physical ailments that affect your sex life, schedule an appointment with a doctor and see if there’s a physiological reason behind it. Stay safe!

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.