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Things You Learn Before You Turn Thirty

Society often values youth because of its innocence, inexperience, and simplicity. However, humans as we are, it is expected that we grow older as the years go by.

While thirty is still relatively young, not many people have the opportunity to reach three decades. Now equipped with more wisdom, here are some lessons you may learn once you hit the big 3-0:

  1. You start valuing simpler pleasures.

When we were younger, we tended to gravitate towards the latest, newest and most popular trends. At thirty, and ideally, after living through a period of trends, we start scaling back and enjoy the simpler things in life. Some of us may trade tight-fitting clothes with expertly tailored staples. In contrast, others may change their flashy Lamborghinis for timeless classics like Mustangs.

  1. You become more secure with yourself in your career and personal life.

Fresh from school, you must start proving yourself in your new work environment. Now that you’re older and have possibly gained more experience, you start seeing the value of what you can do with the skills you’ve learned. You also realize that while career goals are essential, so is keeping your personal life active and alive.

  1. You learn your values in relationships.

Hookups and flings are common in people who only seek relationships for pleasure. People in their thirties may find it less fulfilling and instead opt for relationships based on their values. While looks play a factor, other aspects like personal values, respect, and effort in a relationship are also considered.

  1. You start realizing you can still have dreams and achieve them later in life.

Societal expectations of turning thirty include settling down, having an advanced career, and becoming a better and more sophisticated version of yourself. This may sound demotivating for late bloomers who haven’t gotten their act together. Fortunately, most people have slowly come to accept that life isn’t a race and that people can achieve their milestones later in life.

Turning thirty is an honor and a privilege. Now that you can welcome a new decade into your life. You can expect a chance to develop a more mature viewpoint on where you want to direct your life.

However, if you are still finding yourself, you’ll find that you still have many years ahead of you. Good luck and have a happy birthday!

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.