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The Trailer – ‘Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement: A Brief Introduction’ authored by Deidra R. Moore

“When you make an observation, you have an obligation.” ―M.K. Asante

Deidra R. Moore-Janvier, Esq.―African American wife, mother, attorney, and advocate for social change―did just that. It was in 2019 when the Library of Congress released a virtual portrait gallery titled “African American Activists of the 20th Century,” and Deidra made an observation. She realized that many of the notable images featured in the portrait gallery―of the people who sacrificed and dedicated their lives to fighting social injustices, discriminatory practices, racial segregation, and general inequality―featured people whose life stories, names, and images were dissipating from the minds of younger generations.

The stories of the sacrifices made by these prominent individuals whose conduct led to the freeing of the minds, bodies, and souls of enslaved Africans and their descendants were not being told as often as they should or have been, if told at all.

Empowerment through history: honoring Civil Right heroes, legacy unveiled by the author.

– The Moving Words Review

About the Author. In 1996, as a single mother and after nine years of employment with the Manhattan company TIAA-CREF, Deidra Moore quit her job as a commercial real estate paralegal to attend law school. In 1999, upon graduating CUNY School of Law at Queens College, Deidra worked as a Public Defender with The Legal Aid Society in Bronx County. Nearly five years later, Deidra left The Legal Aid Society to establish her own firm. In 2004, she established the Law Offices of Deidra R. Moore, P.C. As an African American mother, wife, and advocate for change, Deidra, through her vision and her faith, set out on a journey in 2020 to educate as many of our youth about “the value in investing in themselves and in learning about their history.”

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