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The Seven Pieces of Advice

The Greatest Desire

  1. Go on and never stop on what you’re doing.
    Without it, you would see no beautiful meaning in your existence. Be fully aware and let no one take it away from you. You do it not because to live up to the expectations of other people but to satisfy and fulfill your greatest desire. If you give up, you will be haunted for the rest of your life until you resume and accomplish it.

The Common Denominator

2. The common denominator of successful people is they all took risks.
When they started, they bravely faced their fears. Although, in secret, unsure if they would succeed yet still, they left the old path and took a different direction. The old path is a life filled with living up to the expectations of others. The different direction is based on the persistent desires of your heart. Follow what it says and take the risk.

Claim It

3. Be focused on your goal.
What you have started, you must accomplish. You may look back but never go back. You may stop for a while but never go down. Resume then continue to step up higher. Be ready to do  anything to achieve your goal. You may fall down but quickly get back and never give up. There’s no other time but now. It’s already there. You just have to claim it.


4. What matters is now.
What you have in the present, whatever it is, is your greatest asset. The fact that you’re still alive even after all what had happened to you, this just means one thing. You are here to finally actualize what you really want to happen in your life. The fact that your dreams and hopes are still alive in your heart and mind, success is coming near you.

Do Not Give Up

5. Do not give up.
No matter how many failures you will encounter, do not stop. What is failure? It’s nothing but a signboard telling you there’s a delay. So worry not. Success is not chance. It is destiny. It’s not an option. It is your destination. Remember this. Keep doing it. Insist and persist in order to speed up the inevitable outcome.

Have Unwavering Patience

6. Everything will turn out right in the end.
Suffering may seem unacceptable. Failure may appear hopeless. Anything unpleasant will be much more pleasant in the end. Anything questionable will be filled with much truth and wisdom in the end. Have unwavering patience, and you will have a happy ending waiting for you. Happiness is fully appreciated because of the sadness which preceded it.

Your Noblest Dream is Your Destiny

7. You may forget it.
You may stop, but you will get back on track again because it’s your destiny. Destiny is destiny. It’s not otherwise. Events will strongly pull you back to continue reaching your dream. Circumstances will compel you to take action to gradually achieve your dream. It will come into reality in this present lifetime. When you will not forget it, you will save a lot of time.


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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.

Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.