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The Risks of Having a Friend with Benefits

Being in a sexually liberated society has its ups and downs. In this modern era, engaging in casual hookups is easy, although sex with strangers can be risky. Some might prefer to have sex with someone they already know, which is why they prefer to have a “friend with benefits.”

What is a Friend with Benefits?

A “friends with benefits” relationship involves two friends who decide to engage in casual sex. These friends aren’t in a romantic relationship and only engage in sex to meet their needs. People in this relationship also have their friends with benefits rules to establish boundaries. The way the relationship ends is entirely up to the two. However, it usually ends when one has found a potential romantic partner.

What are the Risks of Having a Friend with Benefits?

There are many advantages to having a friend with benefits. However, there are also some disadvantages to keep in mind. Some disadvantages of friends with benefits may include:

1. It changes your relationship.

Many people often start as friends. Partners with unrequited feelings may use this arrangement to live out their fantasies. Unfortunately, this emotionally makes it even harder for them once the agreement ends. Additionally, unresolved emotions can ruin your friendship, thus making it a significant risk if you add sex with it.

2. It complicates dating.

Many people opt for a friend with benefits because it allows them to meet their sexual needs while looking for potential partners. Nevertheless, it’s still a considerable risk because of the possible emotional complications. Additionally, potential partners may not be comfortable with their possible partners engaging in sex with their close friends.

3. It increases health risks.

Having more than one sexual partner increases your chances of acquiring sexually-transmitted diseases. Additionally, women also put themselves at risk for possible pregnancies.

4. It blurs boundaries.

While some people can put aside their emotions from sex, some can’t. People who become emotionally close with their friend-with-benefits may feel internal conflict. This conflict can make it difficult for them to return to a platonic relationship once the arrangement ends.

Should I have a Friend with Benefits?

Is a friend-with-benefits relationship healthy? For some, it may not be a big deal. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the many risks beforehand. If you think you might get too attached to your friend after sex, it’s best to stay friends. Alternatively, if you want to experiment and would instead do it with someone you trust, be clear with your boundaries first.