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The Point of Life


Scott Jameson Sanders


In “The Point of Life” by Scott Jameson Sanders, readers are invited into a story that connects elements of family, love, faith, and personal growth—following the life of Endy Mason, whose experiences shape his views on what truly matters in life.

The first part takes us through his early days in Carmel High School, where he faces the challenges of adolescence and forms lasting friendships. As Endy matures, he encounters the unexpected as his college years bring new friends, both Black and White, who challenge his perceptions of race and privilege. This stage of his life lays the foundation for his future as he learns to recognize the true essence of individuals beyond the color of their skin. How will these early experiences shape Endy’s future decisions as he navigates adulthood?

Now in the world of business, he saw firsthand the cutthroat nature of corporate mergers and acquisitions. This environment led him to question the true purpose of success and wealth. The point of life as I have learned is this: to make enough money to survive until you die.

Then readers are introduced to the complexities of Endy’s marriage, his bond with his adopted children DJ and Julia, and his exploration of faith and religion. His failures in love are a vehicle for exploring the pursuit of happiness… nevertheless, he evolves from a young and uncertain teenager to a mature adult who understands that true fulfillment is found not just in romance but in the relationships that enrich and define our lives. What else has guided Endy toward discovering the deeper meaning and purpose of his life?

Through losses and triumphs, Endy begins to define his own version of a fulfilling life—one that prioritizes love, integrity, and genuine connections. My perspectives on life had changed so much over the years. Yes, money is important for all the reasons we all know too well. We have responsibility for taking care of those around us.

Sanders crafts an emotional depth in this book—allowing readers to connect with the characters’ feelings and fostering a sense of intimacy as if the writer confides in the reader. Through the characters’ interactions, he offers subtle social commentary on topics like race relations and corporate culture—prompting readers to consider larger societal issues while remaining integrated within the context of the characters’ lives. Sanders also strikes a harmonious balance between heartwarming moments and lighthearted humor… ensuring that the lines never become overly heavy or excessively serious and making it enjoyable for readers across various backgrounds.

As the pages unfold, “The Point of Life” invites readers to reflect on their own lives, relationships, and aspirations. This novel is an earnest inquiry into what holds significance in the larger scope of human existence.

– The Moving Words Review

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