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The Nine Truths About You

The Two Questions

  1. Always use both your mind and heart.
    You have to understand on what you’re believing. Never fall into blind obedience. You can lie to others but not to yourself. There are only two questions you should ask yourself. Does it make sense to my logical mind? Do I persistently feel good about it? If the answer is yes, then be open and make way to the truth which will liberate you.

The Finest Version

  1. Always choose.
    The choice must be based on who you really are. You only have one true identity. All significant decisions must lead to the harnessing of your identity. Sometimes, events happen which might contradict your image. Don’t worry. As it’s been said, Everything happens for a reason. Any event is gradually preparing you to become the finest version of who you truly are. When you become one, you will see clearly the meaning of your existence in this world.

The Meaning Behind

  1. Even in the unexpected and undesired incident, try to see the meaning behind it.
    Never waste your energy on blaming anything or anyone on what had already happened. You can’t undo it anymore. There’s a good hidden purpose for that incident. Discover it, and you will later be grateful for why it happened.

The Inner Voice

  1. You may be confronted with different voices such as the instructions of other people, the books you’ve read and the experiences of your past.
    But have you ever listened to the voice within yourself? Listen to what you’ve been thinking for so long, that thought which would never rest in your mind as you have a persistent strong feeling about it. Unless you do something about it, you will forever be unfulfilled.

This Time

  1. You have only one obstacle which is stopping you from achieving your goal and that’s You.
    You think you can’t do it. You think there are people who are better than you. You’re influenced by what other people say. You depend on what others can give you. Worse, you hope for luck or a miracle to fall on you. This time, follow your conscious mind and your reasoning. Utilize what you have right now. Don’t dwell too much on what you don’t have. Most of all, take concrete action one step at a time.

The Sign is in You

  1. Bear this in your mind.
    You have the power to make things happen. Everything you see right now is created by a person who first believed in his mind that he could do it. Don’t wait for external signs because the sign is in You, and you have it all along in yourself. You can start actualizing what you want to happen right now, and you will save a lot of time. If you start doing it tomorrow, you might have the tendency to say again that you’ll do it on the next day until you find out, a year had already passed that you haven’t started anything at all.

The Highest Dream

  1. You will become what you want to be as your highest dream will be fulfilled in the right order of time.
    So never worry about the future as long as you’re doing everything that you can in the present. Never lose hope as everything will be right in the end.

The Most Special Creation

  1. Know that you are born here in this world for a beautiful purpose.
    There is no doubt you are created in the image and likeness of God. You are the most special creation that He has ever made in this world. And for that reason, there’s something in you that is so wonderful waiting to be realized.

The Gift of Mind

  1. You have the gift of mind with the ability to think and choose freely.
    You can imagine ideas that could make your life great. It’s just a matter of actualizing, practicing, and sustaining it. Make this happen now and never ever stop doing it, for it’s the only way you can fulfill your beautiful purpose in this world.


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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.

Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.