Tips for Thought

James Redfield, image courtesy of the author

Written creatively with insightful characters, vivid descriptions of nature’s beauty, and mind-provoking discussions, “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield is a highly successful novel that was later adapted into a movie.

James self-published the book at first. His readers were so moved by the story that they promoted the book through word of mouth. The story contains mystical lessons that can propel someone to look at life from a different, more profound point of view.

Learn the advice directly from the author’s words.

Thoughts: What lingers in my mind is the discussion on dreams. Recurring dreams must be given more attention, especially those we feel strongly. Something must be done in the waking reality as we will discover the truth about who we really are and why we are here in this world. And when we do, the missing puzzle of our lives will then be completed.

There are two types of dreams:

1. DIVINE. Having a dream like this is unmistakable. The message is direct and clear. This happens in order to summon a need for a soul who is confused and thirsty for the real truth. The feeling is grand, strong, and high. It’s not fear but joy and love.

2. HUMAN. These are repressed desires, wishful thinking, hidden agenda, unresolved issues, unrealistic hopes, wanted projections towards self, and other issues in the real world. So the second set of dreams encompasses anything that’s outside the Divine. Some are meaningless, but some are worth scrutinizing in order to fully understand oneself. Anyhow, what’s most important is our waking consciousness, where we have the ability to make things happen with our willpower.