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The Best Countries To Have a Destination Wedding

Nothing is more romantic than taking your relationship to the next level by exchanging vows. For some, this step usually involves a wedding celebrating a couple’s love and commitment.

Planning a wedding takes time, effort, and budget. One of the first steps in planning a wedding is picking the right location. Some of the most popular wedding locations happen in a church, a popular venue in the couple’s town or city, and even their backyard.

You could take your ceremony overseas if you want something memorable with an incredible honeymoon. Destination weddings have been a popular trend pre-pandemic and lockdowns. Fortunately, they are slowly regaining popularity now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

There are many benefits to having a destination wedding. However, before we list them out, here are some of the most popular countries to exchange vows:

1. The Bahamas.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an island country with over 3,000 islands, cays, and islets. Set in the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago is found in the north of Cuba, just a 35-minute plane trip from Florida.

What makes the Bahamas a beautiful place to have your destination wedding is its picturesque beaches, gorgeous waters, and tropical climate.

With so many islands in the nation, you’ll have many options to choose from and can even avail of wedding packages ranging from a large-scale event to a small yet intimate ceremony.

2. Italy.

Nothing is more romantic than celebrating your relationship in the original land of love.

Italy is known for many things, whether it’s the nation’s rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and stunning countryside. If you want various options for your dream wedding, you’ll always have attractive options for choosing your ideal venue.

If you’re looking to say your vows in a beautiful church, Italy has more than a few options for you to choose from.

Another reason to get hitched in Italy? You can also have your honeymoon here and start your new life together in a beautiful country.

3. Thailand.

Thailand has slowly become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The country is known for its tranquil beaches, exotic cuisine, and colorful history.

Additionally, it doesn’t cost a lot to get in Thailand, so if you plan to exchange vows in a beautiful yet reasonably-priced place, Thailand can surely give you a luxurious experience.

4. Mexico.

Suppose you’re looking for something closer to home. In that case, Mexico is a top choice for your destination wedding. With its colorful culture, incredible beaches, and glorious weather, nothing is more fun and exciting than declaring your love and commitment to this country. Riviera Maya, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas are beautiful places, but you can also check out other options.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Suppose you wish to stay in the United States but still want to go someplace exciting, then Las Vegas is a definite contender. Iconic chapels, speedy licenses, and nonstop entertainment options—marrying in Las Vegas is an excellent choice for that fun-loving couple who wants to get married as soon as possible without the excess planning.

Why Should You Have a Destination Wedding?

There are many reasons to have a destination wedding. Some of the benefits you can expect include the following:

1. It can be cost-effective. Many people often mistake a destination wedding as costly and impractical. However, if you prefer to have a few guests and avail of pre-made packages, you can save a lot without worry.

2. It’s legally recognized in the United States. Many marriages outside the country are legally recognized in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about legal complications. Nevertheless, it does help to at least check what documents you need to ensure it’s recognized in your state.

3. It makes your wedding truly memorable. Getting married in a picturesque country with a rich cultural heritage is a unique and unforgettable experience. Additionally, you can spend your honeymoon in the same place and start your marriage with fun and loving memories.

Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding:

Thinking of taking the plunge and planning a destination wedding? Here are just some tips to remember:

1. Have a budget. Learn what to prioritize in a wedding and what you don’t want. Suppose you want a big wedding with several guests and an impressive menu and entertainment options. In that case, you’ll need a higher budget than a small, intimate wedding with only close friends and family.

2. Do your research. Find out what requirements are necessary to get married in a foreign country. If it requires translation, hire a reliable translator for documentation purposes. Additionally, make sure it’s legally recognized in the United States. You may also need to talk with your partner regarding financial and asset protection, so signing a prenuptial agreement may be necessary.

3. Be realistic with your goals. Expect some hurdles and obstacles along the way in the planning stage. Some guests may not have the necessary funds to travel outside the country, while others still need a passport. Suppose you want your destination wedding to be a success. In that case, planning a wedding several months ahead is best to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Summary: Weddings are memorable because they celebrate a couple’s genuine love and commitment. People opting for a picturesque and fantastic wedding and honeymoon can choose to have a destination wedding. While people think that a destination wedding may be costly, there are ways in which a couple can make things work to their budget, along with other benefits.

However, before taking the plunge and having a beachside wedding in the Bahamas or Greece, research and complete all the necessary paperwork. Hire a lawyer if necessary. While a destination wedding can feel like a fantasy come true, remember to be realistic with your goals and budget to ensure it becomes a success.

Weddings are lovely and are a great way to start a marriage. However, you don’t need a glamorous wedding ceremony to celebrate your relationship. A simple and intimate celebration is just as glamorous so long as you and your love are surrounded by the people who matter the most.