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Tech Talks: A Comparison for Choosing Between Samsung or OPPO

Living without a phone can cause inconvenience. If you’re planning on buying your first or new phone, here’s a comparison for choosing between Samsung or OPPO.

In choosing the phone for you, there are a lot of considerations to make such as your needs, wants, and what features would likely make it highly likely to use your phone for a long time. These features include the quality of pictures and videos, storage and memory space, wideband, and capacity to handle multiple applications. More than that, many other factors play a role such as budget, availability, and interface. Of course, a phone being user-friendly should always be one of the features you should look for.

A Comparison of Two Android Superstars

Before anything else, it’s important to discuss the two brands we’ll talk about today—Samsung and Oppo. Although other android brands exist, these are two of the most well-known and widely-used ones by the public. When it comes to manufacturing, Samsung is a South Korean company while OPPO is manufactured in China. Both brands always seek to offer something new, and here’s a short list of comparisons between the two. This can help you decide which one to choose in the future.


When it comes to design, Samsung takes pride in offering models with different displays such as foldable phones, phones with curved edges, and phones that have square corners. It is famous for manufacturing “stylish” phones. On the other hand, OPPO mainly focuses on curved designs.

Processor Chip

When it comes to chip efficiency, OPPO is more advanced than most Samsung models. For example, its processors are equipped with the capacity to handle large or heavy graphics, as well as fast processing of photos and videos. Samsung phones also have this feature but in their higher-end phone models.

Camera Quality

This is one of the features that can make or break a consumer’s decision and is usually the aspect that makes Samsung and OPPO on par with each other. When it comes to camera quality, most units from OPPO already have an excellent camera whether mid-range or not. On the other hand, Samsung’s mid-range phones aren’t that great when it comes to camera quality, but its flagship units offer the best ones.


Generally, Samsung phones are priced higher than OPPO brands because they had been established longer (1938) and had already made a name of their own. On the other hand, OPPO was only founded in 2004 which means that it still has a long way to go in making a name for itself. Hence, a lower price range when it comes to their units. Regardless of that, both phones offer many phones to choose from, all of which can fulfill a consumer’s wants and needs. These are only a few of the many things about Samsung and OPPO that can help you decide which one to choose.