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Taking Care of Your Heart: How to Prevent a Heart Attack and Live a Long Life

Life is short—but you can live longer if you take care of your heart. Here are various tips on how prevent a heart attack and live a long and healthy life.

Before anything else, it’s best to have a background about your heart and how heart attacks happen. Heart attacks occur due to the interrupted or limited supply of blood that reaches the heart. When blood flow is interrupted, the heartbeat weakens and can eventually stop beating. As we all know, the heart is responsible for pumping blood around your body, along with oxygen and other nutrients that it needs.

Here are the contributing factors which can put your heart at risk:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Having an unhealthy diet
  • Constant stress
  • Having an underlying condition such as diabetes
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Being overweight

Fortunately, there are many ways you can start taking care of your heart. When you treat your body properly, you have a high chance of living a healthy and long life. Here are the different ways you can start living healthy today.

How to Prevent a Heart Attack

Commit to stop smoking/Never start smoking

A lot of studies show that smoking is bad for your health. Aside from the chemicals that you let into your body, they can also do a lot of damage to your heart. Plus, it also heightens the possibility of developing cancer, lung diseases, and stroke. If you’re trying to stop, do it slowly but surely. Reduce week after week. If you haven’t started smoking, look the other way and don’t try it.

Adapt a workout routine

20-30 minutes of exercise every day can bring drastic, positive effects to your life. Aside from strengthening your body, it also improves blood flow and circulation which is good for your heart. If you’re wondering where to start, you can try doing yoga first and eventually progress and adjust according to what you want.

Be consistent in eating a balanced diet

What you are is what you eat, so make sure that you eat healthy food. This doesn’t necessarily mean removing sugar or fat from what you consume but consuming everything in moderation. Here is a short list of food that is good for your heart and body.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Whole grains
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Yogurt

Monitor your weight

Monitoring your weight is one of the first lines of defense to prevent a heart attack. This is because obesity or being overweight can hinder you from being physically active. It also increases your risk of having a heart attack, complications in breathing, and raised blood pressure levels. Make sure to compute your BMI and work hard to stay within that range.

Remember, how you treat your body reflects on your health. This is one of the greatest investments you can give to yourself, because you’ll see and feel it in the long run. Have a happy and healthy heart, and cheers to living a healthy life!