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Suicidal Warning Signs to Watch out for

Suicide is a tragic and complicated occurrence, but it can be preventable. While it’s not always easy to tell if someone is suicidal, there are common signs that people often display. Here are ways to know if someone is suicidal:

  1. Talking about wanting to die or killing themselves.

Suicidal people often talk about wanting to die or killing themselves. They may relay these thoughts and feelings in a serious, deadpan, or even “humorous” way, which are equally unsettling.

  1. Actively searching for ways to kill themselves.

Suicidal individuals may start engaging in risky behaviors that could quickly get them killed or have a recorded internet history of searching for ways to kill themselves.

  1. Insisting that they are a burden to others.

They may start to relay thoughts and feelings that they are a burden to their loved ones and society. They may also feel hopeless and claim they have “nothing to live for” because their existence doesn’t matter.

  1. Social withdrawal or feelings of isolation.

This sign is a red flag because people isolating themselves from others have more time to ruminate on their harmful thoughts. Rumination refers to obsessively thinking of their current situation or possible choices which could eventually lead to them ending their lives.

  1. Displaying extreme mood swings.

One minute they are depressed with low energy, and next, they’re high-spirited and talkative. While it may seem optimistic that said person is displaying the latter, it could be a sign that they have finally reached a breaking point in their thoughts which can be very dangerous.

  1. Increased use of alcohol or drugs.

Abusing alcohol or drugs to numb their pain can trigger them to make a harmful decision the next minute.

  1. Displaying signs of rage or talking about revenge and violence.

Aside from depressing thoughts and feelings of worthlessness and guilt, suicidal individuals may express feelings of rage and injustice in the world. This sign is prevalent among teens, who may feel that they live in an unfair world and, thus, must rely on violence to “make things right” or to exact revenge on their bullies. This sign is also alarming because, in certain areas, teenagers can acquire weapons that harm themselves and others.

Recognizing these suicidal signs or symptoms is crucial because it enables you to make the next step as swiftly as possible. If you happen to know a person who is feeling suicidal or may require mental health care, call your nearest suicide and crisis lifeline.

Remember to stay with them until help arrives and try your best to talk them out of taking their own life. Always remember that there is always another chance at life.


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.