Tips for Thought

Do what you do best. Never think you will fail. Why will you fail when you’re doing what you do best! Never take off your eyes on it. Stay the course. You may do other things but get back on what you do best and pour your time on it more than anything else.

When you were born, you’re endowed with a skill which is designed for you. You’ve already known this yet you keep thinking you may not succeed. And so you did some other things. But that’s alright. It’s part of the process. The universe allows you to stray away from your destined path so you will see the difference. Had you not been on the other side, you won’t see clearly what’s right for you.

Success is not a chance. It is destiny. It is not an option. It is your destination. Remember this. Keep doing it. Insist and persist in order to speed up the inevitable outcome