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Steps We Can Take to Prevent Gun Violence

Mass shootings are not part of the distant future. In perspective, they’re more common than rare events. It’s hard to find a more tragic event with so many innocent lives lost all at once. To make things worse, these incidents are happening increasingly frequently in our lives.

How is this possible? Why can’t humans use their evolved intelligence and morality to prevent gun violence? If you look for it, the answer lies in our inaction and inability to change the current situation.

The majority of gun deaths in the United States are suicides. However, homicide rates are significantly higher than in other high-income countries due to limited access to mental health services and differing cultural attitudes toward firearms.

Here are some steps we can take together to prevent gun violence

  1. Strengthen background checks for all firearm purchases — including at gun shows and over the internet — and provide incentives for states to pass laws requiring universal background checks.
  2. Ban assault weapons designed for one purpose: killing people as quickly as possible by delivering high-velocity bullets to the human body with maximum efficiency.
  3. Ban high-capacity magazines that hold more ammunition and require them to be sold through licensed dealers on a national registry with fingerprinting requirements similar to those currently required for handgun sales.
  4. Close all loopholes that allow dangerous people — like convicted felons, domestic abusers, and those deemed mentally ill by a court or health professional.
  5. Supporting organizations working at the state and local levels to reduce gun violence through education, advocacy, research, and community organizing.
  6. Ban private sales at gun shows and on the internet. If you want to purchase a gun, you should be doing so in person, with a background check conducted by a licensed dealer. That way, we can make sure the person buying the gun is legally allowed to own one and won’t end up using it for malicious purposes.
  7. Require all gun owners to store their firearms when not in use safely. This could mean keeping them locked up in safes or with trigger locks installed on them so they can’t be fired accidentally or by someone unauthorized to use them.
  8. Require all gun owners to pass a test demonstrating knowledge about how to responsibly handle and use their guns before being allowed to purchase one for themselves or for another person who lives with them (such as a spouse).

We need to do better. We have an opportunity to come together as a nation and reduce gun violence in our schools and communities. Some say we don’t need stricter gun-control laws; some believe more guns will protect us. It’s time we change the conversation and live up to our name—the United States of America—and become one united nation instead of letting insulated special interest groups divide us further. Ultimately, we can turn this tragedy into a catalyst for positive change in the future.


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.