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Starting the Year with a Bang: A Guide to Celebrating New Year With Fireworks

If there’s one thing that will always be part of every New Year, it would be lighting up the sky. Read about how to celebrate the New Year with fireworks here.

The best way to welcome another 365 days is with a bang! While there are many occasions where you can watch fireworks too, there’s a different kind of feeling when you know it marks a new beginning for everyone. Whether you’re one of the lucky audience or you’re one of the many reasons why the sky would shine bright, here is a short guide before you start with the festivities.

As early as now, find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks.

How do you know if it’s the perfect spot? The first thing you should be concerned with is whether it offers a wide view of the sky. That way, it’s guaranteed that you and your family are going to have a fantastic time watching in awe. Usually, parks or rooftops offer the best view during these occasions. If you want, you can even light a few fireworks of your own. Just make sure that it’s a safe and elevated space.

Make sure that the fireworks you buy are safe.

You can easily tell whether a firework is safe or not by looking for the mark or certification that it went through quality assurance. Remember that in general, fireworks are already dangerous so make sure that you reduce the likeliness of any unfortunate event by buying high-quality fireworks. If you prefer a kid-friendly type of fireworks, you can always consider buying sparklers.

Be alert and attentive during and after lighting fireworks.

Whether you’re just an audience or someone who will launch fireworks into the sky, it is always best to stay alert. When lighting fireworks, secure a safe distance where you can easily move away once its fuse starts burning. Once in the air or once the light has faltered, wait for a few minutes to check if it’s safe to remove or replace. You can also consider sprinkling water to wet the powder inside.

Clean up after all the fun.

No matter where you watched or lit the fireworks, it is an extra precaution to clean what was left. Once you have checked that it is already safe to come near it, sweep and throw away what remained from the burned firework.

New Year means a lot of laughter, fun, and festivities. But it also means being alert and on the lookout for any possible hazard that can cause harm to you and others. Of course, enjoy the celebration and admire the bright and colorful sky but also remember to stay safe.