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Some Risks of Hookup Culture

Modern dating offers a lot of possibilities for people who want to be in relationships. Whether it’s serious relationships, friendships, and even casual hookups—nearly everyone can agree with the overall convenience of how dating apps and social media have on intimate relationships.

As for the latter, hookups refer to brief and noncommittal sexual relations between two consenting individuals. While hookup culture has always existed, modern technology has made it more accessible. When practicing safety, a person with casual sex may benefit from this arrangement as it helps them discover their own sexual needs.

However, some risks come with this convenience. Here are some instances you need to be aware of first:

  1. Increased risks of sexual disease transmission.

People with multiple partners may risk acquiring and transmitting different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is especially likely for a person not using protection or if their partner is irresponsible with their partner. Remember to use a condom and get regularly tested in the clinic for STDs to lessen the chances.

  1. People with attachment issues may feel confused.

People with abandonment issues or low self-esteem may have adverse reactions to hooking up. The latter may value themselves based on their sexual prowess more than their personality and traits as a viable partner.

  1. It can lead to a person becoming ostracized.

While hookups and casual sex are more common, a few people still stigmatize others who engage in these activities. Slut shaming, unwanted harassment, and discriminatory treatment from friends, family, and colleagues can hurt a person’s reputation and self-esteem.

While hookup has many benefits like sexual exploration, self-esteem boost, and stress relief, it can also carry harmful side effects. Nevertheless, it helps to be prepared in such situations to avoid undesirable partners and outcomes. Remember to stay safe by using protection and getting tested.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.