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Signs of an Incompatible Relationship

Compatibility in a relationship isn’t just about having common interests. It also involves shared values, mutual understanding, and envisioning a future together. If you’re having relationship issues, here are ways how to know if you are incompatible with your partner:

  1. You have an unclear future.

Being in a long-term relationship involves discussing future plans. If you have no idea where your future lies together, it may be time for a discussion.

During this talk, ask your partner what they would like to do in the future. If your goals do not align, try meeting halfway. However, you might have to part ways if a compromise isn’t possible.

  1. Different intellectual levels.

Intellectual levels don’t always involve educational attainment. However, individuals unable to relate to each other in a cerebral capacity can bring boredom and even resentment.

If you are willing to make it work, you can try engaging yourself with thoughtful conversations. Additionally, you can also find things you both can enjoy together. Different intelligent levels can be positive, especially if you can learn something from your partner.

  1. You argue constantly.

Arguments are inevitable, but constant fights can create resentment, frustration, and even hatred. If you are tired of constantly fighting with your partner, consider finding the source of frustration or relationship counseling.

  1. You or your partner prefer the companionship of friends over each other.

People in happy relationships look forward to seeing each other and spending time together. However, if you find yourself or your partner preferring the companionship of friends, it may be time to break things off.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to make things work, try investing time with your friends together as a couple and scheduling one-on-one dates. Sometimes, it’s not just about resentment but conflicted schedules.

  1. You can’t be yourself.

People who can’t openly express their thoughts and opinions in relationships may feel stifled. It’s a big red flag if you have to hide a part of yourself to please your partner. If you’ve been doing this a lot to avoid fights, it may be time to examine your relationship.

  1. Your sex drives don’t match.

Unfulfilled sexual needs can add strain to a relationship. However, effort and seeking counseling from a sex therapist can bring back the spark in your bedroom.

  1. You both express emotions differently.

Some people prefer to approach things logically, while others are more emotional. When this happens, it helps to reach a compromise so you don’t say something you regret. You can also ask a counselor how to improve your communication as a couple to strengthen your relationship.

The Takeaway:

No relationship is perfect because it’s almost impossible to find two people who agree on every little thing. Fortunately, most can efficiently resolve these issues through improved communication and counseling. However, it may be time to re-examine your relationship if you can’t resolve these issues. Whatever you decide, talk to your partner first so you can both properly discuss things.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.