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Regarding gaming, nearly every major company, like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, offers upgrades to their world-famous consoles. However, in 2017, Nintendo released the Switch, which has since been a favorite for people looking for a hybrid between “portable” and “traditional” gameplay.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the latest gaming consoles with hybrid features. The console is a tablet that can be docked and used as a home console or as a portable device. The product has wireless Joy-Con controllers, standard buttons, and analog sticks for user input. These wireless Joy-Con controllers are attached to both console sides for portable use. They can also be used individually, much like the wii, which Nintendo also developed.

In addition to these features, the Nintendo Switch also comes with an AC adapter and HDMI cable, thus making it easy to connect to the user’s TV at home.

What makes Nintendo Switch unique is its numerous features and ability to be portable and in addition to these features, the Nintendo Switch also comes with an AC adapter and HDMI cable, thus making it easy to connect to the user’s TV at home.competitive with similar “heavy-duty” consoles. While making a hybrid console was risky, the risk paid off, as the Switch became a rounding success worldwide.

Reasons to Get Nintendo Switch:

People of all ages have at least heard of the Switch. If you’re considering buying this for your first gaming console or want to gift someone with it, here are some reasons to get the Nintendo Switch today.

1. It’s more affordable compared to other consoles.

During its launch in 2017, the Nintendo Switch was priced at $299. Competitors like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cost $399 and $499, respectively. Regarding a console, the Switch’s price is certainly a steal, especially since it offers many features that neither of the latter has yet to offer.

Additionally, the Switch is “newbie friendly,” i.e., it’s an excellent “starter console” for people who want to play games but aren’t willing to commit to costly consoles or invest in a gaming laptop. If you just want something simple to pass the time, but need stimulation from video games, then the Switch is a serious contender.

2. Nintendo’s library hosts exclusive games that are known classics.

Nintendo owns some of the most well-known gaming franchises in history. Some of these include Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda, to name a few. Most of these games are unavailable on other consoles and exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to play Nintendo-exclusive games like the ones listed above, it’s indeed a worthwhile investment. However, it’s also crucial to remember that the Switch can play third-party ports such as Doom Eternal, Dark Souls, and Blasphemous.

Tip: If you want to know if certain games are available on the Switch, check out the game’s official website and YouTube channel to see which platforms it’ll release.

3. It helps kids develop fine motor skills.

Many people tend to have negative opinions toward video games. However, they also have their positive points. One of the upsides of investing in video games is that they can help young people develop better fine and gross motor skills while providing mentally-stimulating challenges.

Depending on the game, children can learn to visualize their surroundings, strategize, and value their resources during playtime.

Nevertheless, children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from video games. Many senior citizens have embraced gaming culture and have even started an eSports team, thus proving once and for all that gaming is for everyone.

4. It’s great for the entire family.

The Nintendo Switch isn’t just for kids and gaming enthusiasts. It’s one of the few consoles available that are remarkably easy for users of all ages to get into.

Since the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, players can sync their system with a TV and engage in PvP (Player versus player) combat. This feature makes it remarkable for family game night and for siblings to engage in friendly competition.

5. Its portable features are convenient.

The Switch’s most significant selling point is its portability. While it’s not the first portable gaming unit, it is the first to combine portability with traditional game setups.

The Switch’s portability differs from its competitors due to its lightweight and convenient travel kit. The kit also comes with an AC adapter and HDMI cable, making it easier for users to connect to any TV quickly, especially during travel and vacation.


There is so much variety in picking the right console for you. However, with these things in mind, the Nintendo Switch has made a risk that paid off.

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has been a game changer for video games everywhere. While it isn’t perfect, it offers much more than many expected. Casual gamers hesitant to pick a console may find this a worthy choice. Additionally, the Switch is a must-have if you want to play Nintendo-exclusive games.