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Overcoming Depression

When one shows signs of depression, it is usually a time of great distress and chaos in life. Most people find it challenging to comprehend the complex roundabouts that revolve around this disorder. Despite the many attempts at fixing the sadness, pain, and misery, there is no guarantee that that same sadness, pain, and sorrow will never return. This is what makes depression so frustrating.

However, knowing your way around this can be highly beneficial to you and everybody around you. How do you ask? Well, the trick is to think about depression as something you live with every day; hence, it is not something you should live without. This is the act of overcoming depression through different methods that suit you most. Here are a few:

Know where you are in the now

When you feel lost and do not want anything, you are detaching yourself from the life you have or might have. All those negative thoughts that run around your head are catalysts to what sets you off track. When you experience this, try your best to find and ground yourself within the bounds of your now.

What is the now I keep mentioning? Simply put, it is the present. Tangible and intangible aspects of who you are and where you are. This helps ground you to the world and create a link to your environment.

Make a list of things you like, no matter how limited they may be.

The ability of a person to have interests, form a passion for things, and pursue a dream is a uniqueness given only to human beings. However, struggling with depression makes it hard to develop interests and pursue basically anything you want to do. So the best way to go around this? I bet it’s to take a little step into the impossible and make things work.

Making a list of things you like to do (i.e., reading novels, baking cookies, doing crafts work) is a preparational stage where you start exploring yourself a little more. This will surely help you develop a habit or a routine that you may actually enjoy in the future.

“Keep searching for the colors when everything turns grey.” – Christy Ann Martine.

Exercise and explore nature and be with people you trust.

When you overcome depression with natural connections, you create a new vision for your life. The recurring negative thoughts will soon replace the frequent negative thoughts with determination and an eye for a better life. When you exercise, explore nature, and be with people you trust, you produce similar happy hormones and fuel yourself with energy to push through.

It may not be as easy as it sounds, but overcoming depression is like teaching a child to walk. By taking one step at a time, you will learn to stand up by yourself and free yourself from the chains that this disorder is keeping on you.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.