Tips for Thought

Traveling worldwide can be a great way to relax while expanding your perspective. However, avoid visiting these dangerous countries when picking your travel stops for 2023.

How is a country deemed high-risk?

Before we list the countries, we must understand how travel risk is measured. According to the Travel Risk Map, certain places around the world are more dangerous than others because of political violence, social unrest, and the overall impact of the pandemic.

Additionally, “high-risk” countries may have a higher concentration of violent and petty crimes.

Often, if you’re a woman or traveling alone, there may be better places for travel. Before we list them out, here is a list of dangerous countries to travel to in 2023:

1. Afghanistan

The situation surrounding Afghanistan is still relatively volatile. Additionally, violent incidents occur across the country, where aid and humanitarian workers are not safe from harassment from the threat of terrorism or kidnapping.

Additionally, many terrorist groups continue to target humanitarian operations and convoys.

2. Syria

Before the war in 2011, Syria was considered a popular tourist destination. Unfortunately, the war has left the country in ruins, where safety has become increasingly rare. Many regions are still dangerous due to air strikes, terrorism, and the high risk of civil unrest and kidnapping.

3. Somalia

Regarding traveling alone, Somalia is a high-risk country because of the constant criminal activities within the area.

Murders, armed robbery, fighting with heavy weapons, and piracy are common. Somalian pirates have also been deemed a high threat in territorial waters and outside Somalian borders, with reports of attacks in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

4. Mali

In 2020, the Malian armed forces initiated a coup resulting in a transitional government. As of 2022, the Malian government has postponed the elections, making the country politically unstable. There are also reports of terrorist groups operating in the Northern and central areas of the country. Intercommunity tensions are high, and kidnappings of foreigners are common.

5. Iraq

Iraq continues to be a dangerous country to travel to due to terrorism, kidnapping, and armed conflict. Additionally, threats of attacks by armed groups make the country hostile and non-conducive for tourism. Currently, it’s still one of the many high-risk countries for travelers.

6. Ukraine

The conflict with Russia makes Ukraine a high-risk country. Armed conflict, volatile security measures, and petty criminal activities are rampant, and it looks like it’ll take some time before it’s safe to travel to Ukraine.

Takeaway: Many of these countries are deemed high-risk due to political, social, and economic issues. Whether you’re traveling with family or solo, these places are unsuitable for travelers, even those looking to provide aid. If you’re looking for safer options, check out this list of safe countries to visit in 2023.