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Mom's ABCs: Did you know that moms have their own ABCs


Patricia Viacava

“Mom’s ABCs: Did you know that moms have their own ABCs?” is a heartwarming journey through the alphabet, crafted with love by Patricia Viacava. Each letter is a gateway into the virtues and daily wonders that mothers bring to their children’s lives, from ‘A for Appreciation’ to ‘Z for Zoom.’ This book celebrates the myriad ways mothers nurture, teach, and interact with their children, infusing every day with love and care.

Patricia Viacava’s “Mom’s ABCs” is a tribute to mothers everywhere, summing up the essence of motherhood through the simplicity of the alphabet. Viacava, drawing from her plentiful background and experiences as a mother and grandmother, brings authenticity and warmth to every page. Her Italian-Peruvian heritage and experiences in Europe and America provide a unique cultural touch to the narrative.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Viacava’s daughter, Pilar, whose vibrant and colorful images perfectly complement the ABCs. Each illustration is thoughtfully designed to represent the values and lessons associated with each attribute. The visual appeal of the book makes it a delightful read for both children and adults.

Viacava’s writing is also accessible to different levels—making complex concepts like ‘Perseverance’ and ‘Values’ easy to understand for young readers. Her approach to explaining these ideas through everyday scenarios helps children understand the importance of these virtues in a fun and engaging way.

Young children will enjoy the rhythmic quality of the prose and the playful illustrations, while parents can appreciate the deeper messages told throughout the book. Each letter of the alphabet is used as a tool to express the weighty impact mothers have on their children, making it the perfect book for family reading sessions.

Lastly, the book does an excellent job of celebrating the diversity of motherhood without losing the universal appeal. “Jokes. How wonderful it is to laugh, isn’t it? To joke with mom about something funny or making a silly face. Why not? Kisses. It’s one of the ways moms have to let us know how special we are to them and how much they love us.” Whether it’s through the humorous scenarios presented or the tender moments shared, Viacava captures the universal sentiments that resonate with many families.

“Mom’s ABCs: Did you know that moms have their own ABCs?” by Patricia Viacava is a beautiful picture book that pays homage to the role of mothers in children’s lives. It’s educational, entertaining, and emotional, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any day to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children.

– The Moving Words Review

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