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Literary Terrorist


Claire S. Cabot


In this story, Butch and Adelaide Stubbs are on vacation in Chile and find themselves in the middle of espionage during their vacation in Chile. While enjoying dinner at their hotel, they end up chatting about some mysterious things that happened during their trip—events from a recent business meeting, hinting at covert operations and secret identities. Butch, aware of the undercurrents of danger in their travels, shares his suspicion with Adelaide about the unsettling occurrences, including a missing television and a peculiar yellow book that keeps popping up. As they dig deeper, they start connecting the dots between the weird events and the people they’ve met.

What could the repeated appearance of the yellow book mean? Could this simple vacation turn into uncovering a major international plot?

Claire S. Cabot’s “Literary Terrorist” is a thriller that takes readers around the world, mixing suspense with a mystery that’s easy-to-get lost in. The book keeps you hooked as it moves from one exciting scene to another, exploring places from the lively streets of Santiago, Chile, to remote spots in Africa.

The author crafts her characters well. Adelaide Stubbs is especially memorable—a graphoanalyst whose skills are key to cracking the central terrorist plot. And her relationship with her husband, Butch makes the story more relatable and interesting.

Cabot also handles complex plots and many characters without making the reader feel overwhelmed. The conversations between characters help move the story along, while also giving insights into what drives them and the dangerous situations they deal with.

Themes include trust, betrayal, and the tough choices that people in power often have to make. And the author really showed how decisions made by a few can affect many—a thoughtful look at the nature of terrorism and political power in today’s world.

The pace is just right—full of well-timed twists and suspense that keeps you wanting more. The author mixes modern technology with classic detective work, giving the thriller genre a refreshing twist. “Literary Terrorist” is for anyone who loves thrillers that are both smart and exciting. It is a great example of how a story can both entertain and make you think about the bigger picture.

– The Moving Words Review

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