Tips for Thought

Learning to Become a Better Person Through God

Choosing to become a better person requires a lot of reflection and insight. Fortunately, there are many ways in which the word of God teaches us to do just that. Here are ways how to become a better person through God.

1. Humble yourself before the Lord.

What does it mean to humble yourself to God? It means admitting you don’t have all the answers. It also means that you need a little help occasionally. As impressive as humans are, we are imperfect and require guidance beyond our limitations.

We become more open to God’s grace and wisdom when we humble ourselves. When that happens, we shed our past selves and become better human beings.

2. It’s always possible to start anew.

Many Bible stories talk about sinners who have returned to God’s grace; some examples are the prodigal son to former critics. The Bible shows that anyone can choose to be good and start over. They need to ask God combined with opening their heart.

3. Accept the process of reforming yourself.

Once you step towards bettering yourself, you realize that process is continuous. Sometimes you’ll make significant changes, and other times, it’ll feel like you’re struggling. When the latter happens, it helps to follow the next step.

4. Place your faith in God.

Part of humbling ourselves involves accepting our limitations. We don’t always have all the answers, and that’s okay. However, if you need answers and guidance, it helps to ask God for help. Prayer, after all, is our best way to connect to God on a deeper and more personal level.

5. Accept God’s forgiveness and learn to forgive others.

Sadly, many people don’t deserve forgiveness, especially when they’ve lived a difficult life. However, it does nothing good to hold on to past regret and pain. If anything, it only keeps you closed off from the rest of the world and holds you back.

One of the most complex truths to learn is that God’s forgiveness is eternal. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should constantly rely on his grace to save us. We need to make an effort to become better to be truly happy.

The Bottom Line:

Learning how the word of God can inspire you to become a better person. If you need help opening yourself to His word, consider visiting your local church today.