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John Sant’Ambrogio’s Book ‘Women Rising’ Challenges Gender Roles

In his second book, “Women Rising,” John Sant’Ambrogio writes a story that explores the dynamic shifts in societal norms and personal transformations triggered by a mysterious global phenomenon. This novel not only entertains but also offers a wise commentary on gender roles, humility, and the power of change through collective action and personal growth.

Set against the backdrop of an extraordinary event where a mysterious sphere causes women around the world to grow taller than men, “Women Rising” looks into the global upheaval and personal introspections that follow. The sphere’s influence leads to a series of societal and individual changes, prompting a reevaluation of power dynamics and personal relationships across the globe.

John Sant’Ambrogio’s storytelling is rooted in the everyday experiences of a diverse cast of characters who find themselves in a world where physical sizes are altered overnight. The book highlights how these changes affect various aspects of life, from family dynamics to global politics, and poses critical questions about equality, respect, and the essence of humanity.

The book illustrates how the sphere’s visits challenge and change the characters, fostering a world where respect and love become the foundations of interaction, regardless of physical stature. As The Moving Words puts it, the book has an “…ability to use a fantastical scenario to mirror real societal issues. Sant’Ambrogio’s characters are well-drawn, with their reactions to the changes offering a microcosm of broader societal reactions. For instance, Bob Porter’s struggle with his wife Jane’s new physical dominance…” Sant’Ambrogio prompts readers to think about the ways in which we define strength and leadership and encourages a shift towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

Key Highlights of “Women Rising”:

• The novel presents a unique blend of speculative fiction with realistic social dynamics, making it an appealing read.

• Explores significant themes such as humility, the effects of societal changes on personal identities, and the potential for collective societal progress through compassion.

• Characters in the novel undergo profound transformations that reflect broader societal changes, providing readers with a mirror to their own potential for growth.

Readers and critics alike praise “Women Rising” for its imaginative approach and its insightful look into what makes us human. The book is a call to look beyond the physical and to find strength in qualities like compassion, empathy, and cooperation.

“Women Rising” is now available on Amazon. For more information, or to schedule an interview with John Sant’Ambrogio or to request a review copy of “Women Rising,” please contact:


John Sant’Ambrogio’s “Women Rising” is not just a book; it’s a movement towards understanding and implementing real change in the way we perceive gender dynamics in our modern world.

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