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Is the Pandemic Over? Here's What the Experts Say

Is the pandemic over? More often than not, experts believe that that is a loaded question. While United States President Joe Biden has declared the pandemic to be ‘over,’ many experts beg to disagree. After all, according to the official tracker on the CDC website, the United States has an average of 345 covid-related deaths daily.

So, is the pandemic over?

Short answer: No, but it is getting better. At least, according to Dr. Fauci. While the United States has had significant improvements during the summer of 2021, the emergence of the Delta variant has thrown off the country’s progress. During the winter of the year, a new variation called Omicron came along, and since then, the world has experienced varying degrees of Omicron sub-lineages.

With another winter season coming, Dr. Fauci insists on taking precautions should another spike occur.

So, what should we do now?

As much as possible, we need to exercise some degree of precaution. That means wearing masks, washing your hands regularly, and staying away at a considerable distance.

It also helps to get a booster shot if you haven’t already for that added protection. With 2022 getting more mobility in socialization and security, citizens can also expect a little more freedom in 2023, provided that no variant forms during the winter.

Will Covid end in 2023?

As of October, it’s too early to say if Covid will end in 2023. However, with more establishments opening up and China facing pressure to do the same—there’s a chance that more countries will have to learn to live with the virus.

With no end in sight, the best course of action is to learn at least to live with the virus still rampant. Additionally, governments and private companies will have to agree to find more alternative solutions to work, travel, and schooling. As exhausting and draining as this pandemic has been, we all must stay diligent, as the permanent effects of Covid-19 can have debilitating effects.


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Tips for Thoughts

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