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Important Lessons From The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret has been an international bestseller since 2006. After a critically-acclaimed documentary of the same name, the author followed with a book that has since become a staple among many personal libraries.

The Secret has launched the popularity of “The Law of Attraction”—a belief that you attract depending on the quality of the thoughts you set out in the universe. In short, if you believe in positive things, you will receive positive results. Alternatively, you will receive adverse effects if you think negative thoughts.

This philosophy has served as a pillar for many self-help books and videos. However, using the Law of Attraction is much more than that. The quality of our thoughts and how it impacts our lives are explained intimately in the book and documentary.

Nevertheless, here are the most important takeaways from The Secret if you have yet to read the book:

1. The simple formula to make your dreams come true is: Attract, Believe, and Receive

We all want something, whether it’s a new job, house, or opportunity. However, many think of such dreams and desires as “childish” and that we must be more “realistic.” However, The Secret emphasizes that our dreams can undoubtedly become a reality, but there are vital steps we need to perform first to set the wheels in motion.

First, we must attract. Attraction is the stage where you must narrow your desire to its specifics. Desires like, “I want to be rich” are too broad. However, wishes like, “I want to increase my salary by x percent, by [date],” are more specific.

Next, we must believe that our desires will happen. It’s not enough to want something. The next step is crucial in making sure they manifest into reality. After stating your desire specifically, you must now believe that you deserve this and that there is no doubt you will receive this blessing. Many people often fail to see their dreams come true because they think that, deep down, they are not worthy of such gifts. In short, they have already believed in their failure more than they think they deserve it!

After believing that such a dream will happen, you must also pretend to live as you have received it. Once you have set your mind in a place where you have already achieved your dream, you are now ready for the final step.

The final step is to receive. The universe is funny in a way; before you receive something, you must act as if you have already received it. Byrne’s reasoning for such a phenomenon is this: Acting as if you have already achieved your dream will acclimate your life to that reality, so the only logical solution is to wait for it to happen.

2. Gratitude creates multitudes

It’s hard to focus on the positives in your life when obstacles and difficulties are in the way.

Aside from learning how to make your dreams a reality, the Secret also teaches you about the power of gratitude. Gratitude is the appreciation of any blessing, regardless of the size of its impact. Grateful people tend to be happier, less stressed, and more willing to be receptive to new changes in their lives.

When surrounded by negativity, you become less susceptible to changes, thus unconsciously bringing you into this cycle of scarcity and stagnation. Once you learn the power of being grateful (even for the littlest things), you unknowingly prepare yourself to be ready for bigger and better things.

3. Love moves like energy.

Gratitude, manifestation, and love all require energy. Energy is the ability for things to work. When you channel your energy into positive things, positive things happen. When positive things happen, love grows and flows around the universe—returning to you tenfold.

The sad truth is that many of us are willing to receive love, but how many of us actively give love? When we receive more than we provide, we do not grow. Fortunately, The Secret teaches us that love, like most things, does require work and effort.

Bottomline: The Secret remains popular because it focuses on positivity and the power of self-belief. When you realize you are stronger than you think, you eventually believe that we are all connected to the vast universe.