Tips for Thought

How to Save Money While Shopping for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, so it’s time to prepare for the upcoming celebrations. However, just because the holidays are coming doesn’t mean you have to spend money recklessly. Here are some handy tips on avoiding overspending during the holidays:

1. Make a list.

Much like Santa Claus, there’s just something about making a list and rechecking it, and for a good reason! Having a list of people to shop for lowers the chances of needless spending when buying presents. This year, narrow your list to the people who are closest to you so you can get started on the shopping.

Consider drafting a menu for that particular day when buying ingredients for the holiday dinner. List out possible appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Once you list the options, narrow them down immediately to see which ones will be both delicious and economical.

Some examples of a great holiday feast include a delicious chestnut salad, roasted chicken and seasonal vegetables, and delectable Christmas-themed brownies for dessert. Try to get creative without going over budget.

2. Set a budget limit.

Another handy tip for saving money during holidays is to set a budget limit. To make this less hassle, consider making it into a game. For shopping, try to see how creative you can get with your food and presents without going over budget. You can even take advantage of deals and sales in your local supermarket and malls to save more.

3. Shop online for great deals.

Many online shops offer holiday deals that make shopping for your loved ones easier. Some great gifts you can get online are discount restaurant reservations, gift cards, and spa treatments. There are also gift baskets with various themes readily available, plus delivery.

4. Consider handmade gifts.

A critical lesson of the holidays is that the heart that comes with the gift matters more than its price. Another holiday budget hacks that save money this year is making handmade presents for your loved ones. Some examples include clothes, home decorations, and even soap and candles.

5. Shop as early as possible.

People busy working during the holidays shop at the very last minute, adding unnecessary stress. Get ahead of the game by shopping early. You can buy ingredients a week before the holidays and start gift shopping as early as the first week of December.

The Bottom Line:

Getting ready for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to spend money like water. By learning how to plan responsibly and sticking to a budget, you’ll find that you can enjoy this year’s celebrations with ease.