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How to Prepare for Long Flights

Many people opt to travel by plane when it comes to their holiday destinations. While the idea of going to a beautiful country is fun, being stuck on an eight-hour flight is not. Nevertheless, here are some handy tips on how to survive long flights to enjoy your trip:

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

One of the essential tips for long-haul flights is to pick comfortable clothes for the trip. Sneakers, jeans, a shirt, and a jacket are necessary and comfy. If the place is too hot, you can shrug off your coat and tie it around your waist.

2. Book your tickets early and pick a comfortable seat.

One of the best benefits of booking your ticket early is the chance to pick your seat. If you fall asleep quickly, a window seat may be ideal. However, an aisle seat may be the better choice if you need constant bathroom breaks.

3. Consider splurging on an upgrade.

Most travelers are probably hoping to book cheaper seats during their next trip. However, if you know you will travel for long hours, why not splurge a little and get a more comfortable option? Upgrading your flight experience can help ease the trip and also offers more meal options.

4. Pack some sleeping essentials.

A travel pillow, a sleeping mask, earplugs, and a blanket are essential for an overnight trip. While these items may be complementary in some flights, bringing your items ensures you can maintain quality.

5. Keep your devices charged and ready.

Some flights offer in-flight entertainment by playing available movies. However, nothing beats being able to pick your favorite film and shows, so make sure to load up your phone or tablet with movies and shows ahead. Remember to bring your earbuds or headphones and charging cables.

6. Plan other forms of entertainment.

Staring at a screen consistently for hours can add strain to your eyes. The blue light from devices can also affect your sleep quality later. To prevent strain, take a break every so often. Additionally, if you can’t recharge your devices, bring backup entertainment options like paper books, magazines, and a small notebook to doodle in.

7. Stretch your legs and stay hydrated.

Sitting for long periods can be bad for the body. To prevent stress and muscle aches, stretch your arms, legs, and neck occasionally. Additionally, drink water every once in a while to keep you hydrated.

8. Mentally prepare yourself and remember to stay polite.

Psychologically preparing yourself for a long flight helps you adjust to the slight change in your routine. Before your flight, make sure to get lots of rest and eat well to avoid being irritable from tiredness and hunger. Always remember that you’re not the only person who is going to be going on a long trip, so stay courteous and respectful to your seatmates and staff.

A long-haul flight can be tiring and boring. However, you can still prepare for it in advance. If you’re traveling to an unknown place, it also helps to get travel insurance. Don’t have one? Click here to read why you ought to get travel insurance.


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

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