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How to Host a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming up, which requires a lot of time and preparation. Here is a handy Thanksgiving checklist that guarantees your holiday goes stress-free!

1. Finalize your guest list.

One of the first steps in planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner is finalizing your guest list for the year. Contact your relatives and see if they’re coming over this year as a final confirmation. Also, check with your immediate family if they’re bringing friends.

2. Plan your menu and shop for ingredients ahead.

Thanksgiving is a great time to sample sumptuous multicourse meals. Finalize your appetizers, entrees, wines, and desserts, then make a list of ingredients necessary. Shop ahead to avoid the last-minute rush from other shoppers.

3. Clean your freezer and prepare foods that you can make ahead.

Cleaning out your freezer helps make room for other items you can make ahead. Some examples you can make ahead and freeze include pie crusts, rolls, homemade stock, and even soup. That way, when Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll find you have everything you need and don’t need to start from scratch.

4. Plan your table and seating arrangement.

Being a gracious host or hostess means ensuring that seating arrangements are ready. Ensure space is available if you need an additional folding table or chairs. Remember to count if you have enough silverware, dinnerware, and glasses for everyone. This part is also where you must ensure your linens and centerpieces are ready.

5. Prepare your cooking schedule and check your silverware.

Planning a schedule leading up to the holidays is essential to make the most of your time. For instance, if you have a large turkey, move them to the fridge with brine or marinade within this week. Since cooking time varies according to your bird’s weight, make sure you have it oven-ready by the time Thanksgiving arrives. Additionally, please do the same for each dish and check how much preparation time it requires.

6. Prepare your home for overnight guests.

Family relatives staying for a few days may need a place to stay. If you have already offered a spare room for your guest, make sure it’s clean and ready for occupancy. Some suggestions include a quick vacuum, fresh new bed sheets, and a towel for the shower.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be panic-inducing. Once you have covered the basics leading up to the holiday, you can enjoy your long weekend stress-free with this guide to hosting Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!