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How to control children without anger

Fatigue, fear, stress, relationship difficulties, lack of acceptance from the child, or even trying to fit your child into a mold they don’t fit.

Many reasons can fit the bill of why you suffer with anger; only you can bring that answer up through inner reflection. Maybe it’s some deep frustration for not achieving fulfillment in your career, not working with what you like, the constant lack of money, or your marriage going downhill. Maybe even the absence of friends in your life.

Look for the answer within yourself because it will allow you to bring to light your actual reasons for exploding with such rage. And when we can’t “control” this part of dissatisfaction in our lives, we want to “control” the most fragile and vulnerable part of them: children. They end up becoming the scapegoats for our anger.

We cannot prevent an emotion, but we can choose our reaction to that emotion. If you want to build a happy, trusting relationship with your children, drop the ruinous relationship model born out of anger. Resolve your inner issues and base your relationship on love and compassion.

Children constantly seek to receive affection because they need to feel loved. When they can’t have that, they find other ways to meet that need. Most of the time, it will be in the form of getting our attention negatively through bad behavior.

By then, a vicious cycle sets in. You are frustrated with something in life and unaware of its impact on your mood and those around you. You become angry. Next thing you know, you are lashing it out on your child. You try to control them, which is pointless since the kid understands they are not loved by you, based on your actions and words of wrath. Naturally, the child won’t give in to your demands. Power struggles begin, and your anger keeps increasing.

You are the adult in the relationship, so you have the means to sit down, sip some water, take a deep breath and think about the real source of anger in your life. Children are supposed to be the happiest part of our lives, so what is happening? When we become aware of our unhealed emotional pain disguised as anger, we gain the power to transform an entire existence. Break that cycle starting today, and learn through your child’s misbehavior to identify problems that you may have carried for a long time now, yet hadn’t shed light upon until now.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.