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How Religious Organizations Can Help with Gun Control

The ownership of guns remains to be an American staple. While this right continues to be an essential part of the United States constitution, the topic of control and ownership has been an ongoing debate for years.

As mass shootings steadily increase, many people have called for gun control regulation, arguing that assault weapons should be banned entirely.

However, for centuries, gun ownership has been tied with American culture and history. Such a call to change may require a different tactic. One such example is using another staple in its culture to talk about the ethics of gun ownership, i.e., through religious groups.

Much like owning guns, religion plays an integral part in American culture. In fact, a great portion of the population may identify as Protestant, Catholic, or other Christian groups.

Unfortunately, not all Christian groups agree with gun control regulations. In fact, some Christian groups believe that owning a gun is a way of self-defense despite being also pro-life. While this may seem contradictory, some of them argue that owning a gun is not morally dubious but a chance from the Lord to protect their property.

In a way, they are right. Ownership of weapons is not necessarily wrong or dubious. How you handle it, when you use it, and why you’re using it makes all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get several Christian groups to agree on overall gun control—making this a topic that may require more years to ponder.

Nevertheless, there is hope. Suppose leads of Christian groups can agree on the fundamental basics of responsible gun control. In that case, their followers will surely take heed and follow suit. Once they have settled on what they have in common and try to compromise on their differences, we can expect future progress for a safer and more responsible society.

For now, we must be vigilant. If you need a listening ear to your religious views on the matter, consider contacting your local pastor for spiritual guidance. May God be with you.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

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