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How Poor Sleep Quality Can Affect your Lifespan

Sleep is essential to maintaining good health. For clarification’s sake, this article will refer to “quality sleep” as having a consistent sleep schedule where the person feels content and peaceful after slumber. When a person fails to meet these sleep requirements, they may have poor sleep quality and can incur side effects which can become severe over time.

So, what happens when a person is constantly sleep-deprived or oversleeping? Here are some ways how poor quality of sleep can take a toll on your health:

  1. It affects many areas of your cognitive function.

Your brain’s cognitive function deals with various processes that help you achieve specific tasks at work or at home. These functions include memory, decision-making, attention, perception, and problem-solving. When a person lacks quality sleep, their brain cannot perform at its optimum level, making them more susceptible to certain illnesses like dementia.

  1. It lowers your immune system response.

Your body’s immune system is responsible for combating risks that could eventually lead to disease. When we sleep, our bodies can reset and repair tissues and specific areas. When we lack adequate sleep or even too much, our immune system response slowly deteriorates, making us more susceptible to disease and illness.

  1. It can affect your psychological well-being.

The body isn’t the only thing affected by poor sleep quality. Your psychological well-being is also at risk when you sleep too much or too little. People who sleep too much or cannot have a good night’s sleep may suffer from depression. This could affect their entire well-being, life, and social relationships.

Sleep is essential but often overlooked. When we fail to invest in quality sleeping time, we risk slowly reducing our lifespan, leading to several illnesses. Call your doctor if you have had any sleeping issues. Stay healthy and safe.


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.