Tips for Thought

How Love Can Inspire You to Become a Better Person

To love is an incredible opportunity that should never be taken for granted. Covered by countless artists and poets, love has continued to endure throughout the centuries with its enduring influence on the human spirit.

As humans, we can only be fortunate to find someone we want to spend our lives with. If you happen to find that person or wish to meet them in the future, here are some things to expect when you’re in a loving relationship:

1. Love teaches you something new.

At the core of it all, love is really about growth. When you’re in a committed relationship, you start discovering things that mean the most to you. From shared values, hopes, and dreams, you start realizing just how much there’s more to a person than their past. Even if you feel like you’ve known everything about a person, there’s always a chance that said person might have a side to them you never noticed.

2. It gives you a new perspective.

A relationship involves compromise, admitting mistakes, and saying sorry. As much as one would like to believe that one person is “always in the right,”—that is not the case.

True love unmasks the shiny filter that infatuation brings. It also reveals your most authentic self to others without pretense or lies. When you allow a person to be in your life, you start valuing their perspective and even gaining a new one yourself.

3. They introduce you to new experiences.

Love is exciting because it brings out the best in people. While it’s always good to try new things, love does so in a way that doesn’t push the person past their comfort zone. With a helping hand and a supportive word, you’ll find yourself exploring new uncharted experiences like never before.

4. They motivate you to do and become better.

Being with someone who makes you happy can be genuinely inspiring. You’ll be motivated to become better in a loving relationship that inspires growth and improvement.

5. Love makes you feel fulfilled.

Love changes a person for the better when the relationship is fair and equal. People in healthy relationships often feel fulfilled by providing for their partner’s needs and building a life together. It also gives them something to look forward to daily and motivates them to do their job well.

6. Love teaches you to dream bigger.

Staying with someone who inspires your best self enables you to want to achieve more than you thought possible. Some famous examples include the building of the Taj Mahal, enduring love letters from famous poets, and famous paintings.

The Bottom Line:

These are just some instances of how love can make you a better person. If you are in a loving relationship right now, consider treating your partner to something special this weekend to ignite that spark. If you’re single, try to improve yourself so you know your values and priorities when meeting that special someone.