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How Grief Affects Our Physical Health

Grief is a powerful emotion and response that usually occur after losing a loved one. When a person experiences such trauma, the brain often undergoes different grief stages—affecting our perspective, judgment, and rational thinking.

However, grief can also affect us physically, thus affecting our overall health in the long run. These effects can make us susceptible to further ailments. Here are some ways in which grieving can affect the body:

  1. It affects our sleeping patterns.

People who are grieving may have trouble with their sleeping patterns. In such cases, they may either sleep too much or very little. When left untreated, the person may develop sleeping issues, lack of energy, and even depression—rendering them unable to complete work tasks and even daily habits. 

When this happens, it can also affect the brain, affecting your concentration, memory, and thought processes.

  1. It affects our appetite.

People who undergo the grieving process may also experience sudden changes in appetite. Powerful negative emotions such as helplessness, despair, and pain may numb our motivation to care for ourselves. One instance is when we neglect to nourish our bodies by eating too much or too little, it can affect our digestive system and overall health.

  1. It affects our immune system.

People who have been grieving for a long time may start to notice physical side effects in the long run. Such responses may affect the body’s immune system, making us susceptible to more health issues because we neglect to take care of our overall wellbeing.

Grief doesn’t just affect the mind but the body as well. Grief is a painful process, but that doesn’t mean you must go through it alone. Please consult a counselor or therapist to get through the pain with effective coping strategies to prevent further health complications. Stay safe.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.