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How Depression Can Affect Your Life

Depression or Major Depressive Disorder is a debilitating mental illness. While its main issue is psychological, there are also ways how it can affect your physical health and personal life. Here are some instances of how depression can affect these aspects:

  1. Depression affects your ability to take care of yourself.

People with this condition often neglect to take care of themselves because they feel they do not deserve it. From eating to practicing personal hygiene, being depressed can sap you of the energy to do the things you need to do to survive. Thus, affecting your overall physical health.

  1. Depression affects your sleep patterns.

Depression is paradoxical in many ways. For some, they either sleep too much or none at all. When left untreated, sleeping issues can affect the overall state of your health, including your brain’s cognitive functions. It can also affect your cardiovascular system and make you more susceptible to long-term health issues.

  1. Depression affects your ability to work.

The lack of energy, motivation, and drive from depression can also affect your livelihood. People with this condition may neglect their school work and job, rendering them “useless” because they see themselves as colossal failures. This can jeopardize one’s future and purpose when ignored for too long. When a person is vulnerable, they may be susceptible to environmental and societal harm because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

  1. Depression affects your overall enjoyment.

Depression not only saps a person of their energy to work and care for themselves but also their overall enjoyment. Hobbies a person once enjoyed no longer seemed appealing, and they would retreat into their shells instead of connecting with others.

Depression may be a mental illness but has physical, social, and economic consequences. If you or a loved one needs help, please contact your nearest mental health expert. Good luck and stay safe.

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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.