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Helpful Guide for the Survivors of Gun Violence

Using guns in other countries is too convenient, even to the extent of using them for violence. If you have been a victim of gun violence or you know someone who was, this guide will help.

Gun violence happens in almost all countries where guns are available. According to Amnesty International, daily in America, the number of people who die from gun violence reaches to 500. Aside from this number, some rs continue to suffer from the trauma of an unfortunate encounter with guns.

Self-awareness is the first step in understanding the depth of your trauma. If hearing a loud bang or a shooting sound from television will alarm you, do not pretend it does not bother you. Knowing what scares you and acknowledging them will help you assess how gun violence has affected you. In allowing yourself to understand your feeling, you are preventing yourself from anything that might trigger you to recall the unfortunate happening.

If comfortable, inform others of your trauma with guns or anything related to them. After carefully understanding your fear and personal initiative in avoiding situations that might trigger you, it does not hurt to tell others these things. When you are comfortable in sharing such experiences with them to understand why you act the way you do when you hear shooting or even when you hear the word “gun,” “bang”, or “shoot,” it will eventually help you. Telling other people whom you trust is another way to help you.

For gun violence, your trauma should not be underestimated as just some “terrible experience”, if it bothers you almost every night and hampers your functionality every day, it is better if you seek professional psychological help. The constant fear for your life and the worst memory of you being in a situation wherein you feel helpless should be taken seriously. Insomnia, anxiety, or panic attacks may happen. If these are frequent, you should seek professional help.

Share to inspire—helping others get through their experience, which may or may not be exactly similar to yours, might also help you fight your battle against the traumatic experience of gun violence. By sharing your call to stop gun violence in your little way, you may influence others to do the same. When this happens, your survival over that traumatic gun shooting experience will be on a greater purpose. Inspiring others on how you manage your traumas and how to stop gun violence will eventually help you motivate yourself.

There is no definite guide to complete healing from a traumatic gun violence experience, but this guide will help you do it one step at a time.

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Tips for Thoughts

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