Tips for Thought

Every person has the right to security, be it yourself, your loved ones, or your home. If you’re thinking of investing in some legal self-defense weapons in 2023, here are some great options to consider:

1. Self-defense knife

Many self-defense knives come in a foldable feature kept in inconspicuous spaces like fake combs and even pens. Individuals who need to be better equipped for hand-to-hand combat may need to start training with them as soon as possible to get the feel of the weapon. With so many options available in the market, consider picking one that fits your situation, grip strength, and overall accessibility.

2. Pepper spray

Pepper spray or capsaicin spray is an aerosol spray that causes burning, pain, and tears when in contact with the person’s eyes. Considered as of the best self-defense tools for women, it provides a quick getaway if you are in close range of your attacker.

3. Flashlight with a stun gun

A stun gun is another excellent self-defense weapon that incapacitates attackers who use physical force. Many stun guns also come with a flashlight which will help your local door locks or any escape areas to run away safely. When in doubt, blind them with the light and stun them immediately.

4. Safety horn

Safety horns offer piercing high-decibel signal sounds that alert people within the vicinity to dangerous situations. These are ideal for noisy areas and places that require emergency alarm stations. You may invest in these horns, which you can store in your emergency kit for potential calamities that can destroy your home.

5. Portable door lock.

If you travel a lot or live in an apartment with unsafe locks, consider investing in a portable door lock. These locks can be used on most hinged doors and swing inwards. They are designed to offer additional safety within your home or hotel room. Many are easy to use and can be kept in your pocket or luggage.

Takeaway: There is no price too high when it comes to safety. Aside from investing in these tools, it helps also to learn the basics of self-defense in the future. Violence is never the answer, but in a life-or-death situation, you must remain calm and ensure a quick escape first and foremost. The goal of using these tools is not to cause harm but to have a temporary deterrent that will ensure your safety. Before purchasing these tools, please check the local bylaws of your state and county. Remember to alert the authorities as soon as possible once you have escaped. Stay safe.