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Habits that Shorten Your Lifespan

Many people know that eating too many greasy foods, and smoking can cause many illnesses. However, other unhealthy habits can affect your overall health. Here are some examples to look over:

  1. Sleeping too much or too little.

Quality sleep is necessary for a healthy mind and body. This step is essential to improve your brain activity and overall health. When you fail to meet the right amount of sleep, you could be at risk for certain illnesses like heart diseases and dementia. Alternatively, oversleeping can also affect your body and increase your risk of death.

As a rule of thumb, sleeping at least seven to nine hours every day is advisable. However, people in the younger demographic, like babies, children, and teens, may need more sleep to boost their growth and development.

  1. Lack of physical activity.

If you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato, you could risk reducing your lifespan. Many experts believe that living a sedentary lifestyle and sitting down for prolonged periods can lead to increased blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and even weight.

To combat these risks:

  • Try to keep a break from sitting every thirty minutes.
  • Stand up every once in a while, when working or watching movies.
  • If you have to work at a desk, consider investing in a standing desk to get you stretching.
  1. Neglecting your dental health.

Did you know that specific dental issues can lead to various illnesses? Health experts believe that neglecting proper oral hygiene increases the risk of a bacterial infection within the bloodstream, affecting a person’s heart valves. Gum and other conditions can lead to heart disease when a person neglects their dental hygiene for too long.

Combat this lousy habit by brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes twice a day. Remember to schedule a visit with your dentist every six months, and don’t neglect to floss.

  1. Having a negative mindset.

Bad physical habits aren’t the only thing affecting your quality of life. In fact, many health advisors believe that a person’s mindset can affect their entire outlook on life—thus determining its overall quality.

Mindset is your set of personal beliefs that shape how you view the world and yourself. Your mindset influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which can lead to positive or negative consequences. According to psychologists, negative-minded people may find it hard to find happiness. At the same time, positive-minded individuals find joy in the simplest pleasures. When a person learns to take life at ease, their life becomes more manageable because they are willing to learn the art of patience and to understand their situations with compassion.

Many habits can affect your overall quality of life. Learning to invest in your physical and mental health can reap great benefits as you grow older. Contact your local health provider to schedule an appointment if you need help with health tips and the like. Stay healthy!


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Tips for Thoughts

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Tips for Thoughts

Copyright 2022 | All Rights Reserved.