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Getting a Hayya Card: What You Need to Know for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

This year’s FIFA World Cup is in Qatar, a Middle Eastern country. As a high-income country with beautiful landscapes and vast cultural experience—it’s a country you can’t forget!

However, according to the Qatar authorities, ticketholders (both local and international) should apply for a digital Hayya Card.

What is a Digital Hayya Card?

This card is your entry permit to the country and your stadium access with match tickets. International fans must also confirm their accommodation plans to receive the final approval for this card.

Where do I apply?

To apply for the Hayya and book accommodations, please visit You can also download the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app on Huawei, iOS, and Android.

What are some features of the Hayya card?

Aside from entrance to the country, the Hayya card is a Fan ID and allows ticketholders access to the metro and bus transportation services on match days. This card makes it convenient for you to get to the stadium from your accommodation.

Who is eligible for the Hayya card?

All visitors entering Qatar and planning to attend the matches must apply for the Hayya card. This card is also mandatory for children and those under eighteen years old. However, a parent or guardian may apply on their behalf.

Do I also need a visa if I have a Hayya card?

International visitors traveling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup will not need a visa to enter so long as their Hayya card is valid. Cardholders can stay in Qatar until January 23, 2023, so if you have plans to explore the country after the World Cup, you should!

What are some tips for International Travelers visiting Qatar for the first time?

1. Know the weather. Qatar has a desert climate which means it’s usually hot and dry. However, its cooler seasons start from December to February, where it can range from 14–25 degree Celsius (53–77 degrees Fahrenheit) on most days. If it’s still too hot for you, pack light, bring a water bottle, and lots of SPF.

2. Tipping is customary and not mandatory. However, in Doha, tipping may be expected from tourists. Tipping 10-15% is acceptable for restaurants, cafes, and bars. Tipping 5-10 Qatar royal (QAR) is sufficient for taxi drivers or gas station attendants.

3. Friday prayers may shut down businesses in the mornings. 

Salat al-Jumu’ah, or Friday prayers, are obligatory religious practices in Qatar. Suppose you’re expecting an excellent hot coffee on Friday morning. In that case, you might have to wait—cafes, restaurants, and museums generally don’t open until 1–2 pm on Fridays. This rule also applies to the Doha metro, which may start running at 2 pm.

4. Dress modestly. Desert weather or not, Qatar is a Muslim country, so tourists must cover their shoulders and knees at a minimum. Long, loose-fitting clothing is generally the preference for this. Swimsuits are only allowed in hotel pools and private beaches, not public beaches. If you plan to visit a religious site, women must wear a scarf over their hair.

5. Follow the rule if you’re traveling as a couple. Until recently, unmarried couples were prohibited from sharing a hotel room. Fortunately, this rule seems to have relaxed. However, if you and your partner are going in public, avoid public displays of affection, including hand-holding.

6. Avoid drinking tap water and alcohol. Some tap water may be drinkable but not all, so stick to bottled water whenever possible.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is strictly regulated in the country. It’s also subject to tax in hotels, which can be costly. For the FIFA World Cup 2022, alcohol is banned from the stadium and its perimeters. However, fans can drink in designated areas.

With these tips in mind, make sure also to include travel insurance with your package. Stay safe, and have fun!