Tips for Thought

Hearing about individuals overcoming adversity and sharing their stories to motivate others is inspiring. Through their stories, they inspire others to keep fighting, regardless of the challenges that life may throw their way.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was a professional cyclist who won the Tour de France seven times, but his career took a sudden turn when he was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in 1996. The cancer had spread to his brain, lungs, abdomen, and lymph nodes, presenting a grim prognosis. He had a low chance of survival, with some sources stating it was below 40 percent, but Armstrong underwent surgery and chemotherapy with a positive and unyielding attitude. Despite the odds, he became cancer-free in 1997. The battle with cancer was a turning point in Armstrong’s life, leading him to quit professional cycling temporarily to find a new purpose. Armstrong saw his fight against cancer as a responsibility to inspire others and became a world-famous athlete and advocate for cancer awareness. He wasn’t about to let cancer derail his passion for bike racing, describing his uphill climb back to good health as an inspiring journey. His story illustrates the human capacity to overcome life-threatening challenges and to continue pursuing one’s passions relentlessly. Moreover, after his recovery, Armstrong founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation (now the Livestrong Foundation) to assist other cancer survivors, showing a commendable resolve to give back to the community. His story, though later tainted by doping scandals, continues to inspire many facing life-altering adversities​.

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz’s story is a beacon of determination, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams. Born in a housing complex for the poor, he faced financial hardships from a young age. Despite the adversities, Schultz earned a football scholarship to the University of Northern Michigan and after graduating, he was introduced to Starbucks in 1981 when he walked into the whole-bean shop in Seattle’s Pike Place. This visit ignited a passion for quality coffee that would shape his destiny. In 1983, as the marketing director of Starbucks, he traveled to Italy and was inspired by the traditional Italian coffeehouse culture. He envisioned bringing this coffeehouse culture to America and, after buying Starbucks in 1987, he began to transform it from a mere coffee bean store into a coffeehouse chain. Schultz’s journey from poverty to owning Starbucks serves as an inspiration to millions around the world. His story is about not just overcoming financial hardships, but also about dreaming big and pursuing those dreams with relentless effort and determination. Under his leadership, Starbucks grew into one of the world’s best-known brands, embodying the idea that one can indeed change their stars with hard work, vision, and an enduring spirit.

Sheryl Sandberg

The sudden and tragic loss of her husband in 2015 profoundly impacted Sheryl Sandberg. She faced the unbearable grief of losing her partner of 11 years, while at the same time having to navigate through the challenges of being a single parent. Sandberg, however, took her grief and channeled it into action. She co-authored a book, Option B, to share her journey and help others cope with adversity. In the book, she discusses the concept of resilience and how one can build it over time to overcome adversities. Sandberg’s openness about her grief journey has resonated with many who have faced similar losses. Her story serves as a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit in facing the most devastating of personal losses. She has also been an advocate for discussing grief openly and providing support for those in need. Through her book and public talks, Sandberg has created a supportive dialogue around the topic of grief, encouraging others to share their stories and support each other. Her journey represents a beacon of hope for those facing personal loss, demonstrating that with support and resilience, one can find a way to navigate through the darkest of times and find a path forward.

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Her journey from living on government assistance as a single mother to becoming one of the most successful and widely read authors in history is a testament to perseverance and determination. Rowling faced numerous challenges including poverty, depression, and the pressures of single motherhood. However, her love for writing spurred her to create the magical world of Harry Potter, a story that captivated the hearts of both young and old globally. Before her success, she faced over a dozen rejections from publishers, but Rowling’s resolve did not waver. Her quote, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life,” encapsulates the essence of her journey. The success of the Harry Potter series was a turning point in her life, catapulting her into a world of literary stardom and financial security. Rowling’s tale encourages individuals to pursue their passions relentlessly, regardless of the number of setbacks they encounter. Her life exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance, and how one’s determination can turn dreams into reality, even in the face of overwhelming challenges. Through her success, Rowling has also engaged in philanthropic efforts, further extending her impact beyond the literary world. 

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner’s life story is a remarkable testament to the indomitable human spirit. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gardner faced a challenging childhood marked by poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, and sexual abuse. His early adulthood was also fraught with difficulties, including homelessness while raising his young son as a single father. However, Gardner harbored a dream of creating a better life for himself and his son. His relentless pursuit of this dream led him to a career in finance despite having no formal education in the field or personal connections. He secured a position as a trainee at Dean Witter Reynolds, a stock brokerage firm, after persistently seeking an opportunity to prove his capabilities. His journey from homelessness to becoming a successful stockbroker was extraordinary. The turning point came when Gardner, with sheer determination and hard work, established his own brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co, in 1987. The firm was the culmination of his unwavering resolve to overcome his challenging circumstances and provide his son a stable and prosperous life. His story became widely known through the autobiographical book, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” which was later adapted into a film starring Will Smith


Embrace an unyielding attitude towards challenges, taking a leaf from Lance Armstrong’s battle with cancer. Pursue your dreams as shown by individuals like Howard Schultz and Chris Gardner, showcasing that with hard work and a clear vision, overcoming adversities is within reach. Lastly, view setbacks as stepping stones towards your goals, much like how J.K. Rowling and Sheryl Sandberg turned their hardships into narratives of triumph and inspiration.