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Follow the Leader: Sometimes You Have to Be Tough

A great leader helps their subordinates grow and thrive. To make this happen, you have to be a tough leader. Here’s how you can reinforce workplace discipline.

The workplace should be a nest of professionalism, camaraderie, and productivity. However, there are times when employees can slack off, which can create a drastic effect on the expected outcomes from their performance. This is where you have to step up and implement disciplinary measures which can help them improve how they work. Of course, being tough doesn’t mean controlling them; it simply means reinforcing constructive rules or actions to address your employees.

Craft a Set of Rules in the Workplace

In order for the workplace to be an organized one, certain rules should be laid out. Doing this is important so that employees know which is acceptable and which is not. It is also a great way to foster the spirit of professionalism. These rules can cover a lot of things such as:

  • Attendance
  • Proper work attire
  • Work behavior or ethic
  • Bringing illegal items inside the workplace

Lay Out Possible Ways to Correct or Discipline Employees

While it is expected that your employees follow the rules set, there will always be rule-breakers. This is where the various ways of discipline come in. By doing so, you can let them know that disobeying will not be taken lightly, but will not make you shame them at the same time.

Remember, tough leadership is not about instilling fear, but instilling the importance of respect in your employees. Here are a few ways to achieve workplace discipline.

  • Correction through verbal approach. This can be considered as their first warning, where you talk to them privately about their behavior or offense in the workplace.
  • Correction through letter approach. If you are the type of leader who is still working on their speaking skills, the next way you can reach out to them is by sending them a letter notifying them of their offense.
  • Putting them on a probationary period. This is usually used when the violation done by the employee has happened multiple times, or if the offense done is too heavy.

Although you should exert all means to discipline and correct employees, there might come an instance when it isn’t working at all. This is where the possibility of termination or firing them can be considered. Remember, sometimes a tough leader is the key to improved employee performance.